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Monday, April 29, 2019

Forever & Ever: A Collection of Stories (Faith, Love & Devotion #7) by Tere Michaels

Getting back to this series, after 4 (!) years away was a bit of a struggle to remember all the details and yet I surprised myself with how much I DID remember. Though I still wish I listened to the whole thing from the start before reading this one. It was SUCH a beautiful series and this book gave us the PERFECT ending. I'm usually satisfied with the general "HFN but can IMAGINE the HEA" but getting the WHOLE thing, for real, seeing them together for 10+ years was beautiful and heartfelt.

This book, as the title promises, is a sort of collection of stories. The chapters are mile stones in the couples' lives, from marriage to childbirth as well as life in general, health, raising kids, changing jobs, retirement and most importantly ALWAYS staying the big happy family even if not all members are related. Looking back at each of the 4 men - Evan and Matt - Jim and Griffin - and who they were before and who they are now, the people who surround them, the happiness they brought into each others' lives and the happiness they got from this amazing family made the whole ride, from book one till this very final one simply EPIC. I LOVE books who give us a realistic sense of the couple and the family for more than a few months, and this kind of following the couples for YEARS is my favorite for sure.

I applaud Tere for giving us the WHOLE series and ask, if I may, she find it in herself to make us another epic series like this one with more wonderful and genuine couples to follow.

If you haven't read this series you have no reason to read this one but it's also a great opportunity to pick up the first one and immerse yourself in them from the start. I'm still not giving up on my idea of listening to the series from the start.

Naturally, if you've read this series this book is a MUST read (You might need Kleenex..)

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27-28 April 2019

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