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Sunday, December 21, 2014

Love & Loyalty (Faith, Love, & Devotion #2) [Jim & Griffin] by Tere Michaels

Absolutely beautiful!!! I knew I will enjoy Jim - Homicide Detective James Shea - when we met him on the previous installment but it didn't really prepare me to utterly fall in love with him and with screenwriter Griffin Drake. Utterly beautiful and sensitive love story. Truly a joy to read!

I had about two days "off" from my readings as I was preparing for a dog show on the weekend. When I returned from the show exhausted beyond words (as were the dogs) the only reasonable thing to do was cuddle together in bed and read. This is how I sat to read this one from start to finish.

We start this book with a trial Jim is attending of a murder case he investigated. To say the least on the day of the trial things end badly and not only because of what happened that day, Jim established a friendship with Ed Kelly - the father of the girl who was murdered. Ever since the trial people have been trying to buy "the story" to produce a movie, write a book, but Ed isn't interested. Not until the famous actress (and much loved by his deceased daughter Carmen) Daisy Mae and her childhood friend and screen writer Griffin Drake makes their offer. Daisy "buys" Ed with her beauty and charm and Griffin makes an honest appeal to Ed's heart which convinces Ed to go for it! his only real condition is Jim reading the script as well, as well as giving his approval (mostly for the way the police is brought in) but that's not the only reason.. there is something Ed isn't willing to share with Daisy and Griffin. It's his and Jim's secret.

The romance start with Griffin having a writer's block deciding to "hop" on a plane to Seattle and have a light meeting with Jim just to try and kick start his script which by now has only a title with no lines.. The dinner "date" goes out of hand as their attraction for one another brings them back into Jim's apartment. But what's going on there is no anonymous sex, it's also not the kind of deal Jim or Griffin are used to, there is more there under the surface which they don't want to address.

Since Griffin didn't buy a return flight he stays the night. One night turns to a few nights and suddenly they are in a relationship without even realizing they are in one. Daisy find's it amusing, Jim's friends are ecstatic! But both Griffin and Jim are confused. They want each other's company but they are not sure about a relationship, at the moment, in general..  You might also remember Jim has a "crush" on the guy who used to be his roommate, leaving him confused as to what he actually wants. Yet when Griffin finds out Ed's "little secret" their relationship becomes a real one as he stands by Jim's side as he feels he should.

There is more drama going on with the script as well as Daisy and Griffin's relationship. As there are things that Jim hadn't told Griffin, what Griffin is hiding from Jim is pretty big and might change the way he sees Griffin, honestly he is scared to even admit his immediate problems.. and what I loved the most was the part where Griffin FINALLY tells Jim his huge problem (it escalated as time went by). Any other author would have made SUCH a big deal and a huge fight over misunderstanding, trust issues etc. Yet as the truths are revealed they both stay level headed and committed, to their promises as well as for one another.

I loved the way this one ended as well, such a beautiful and happy note. Can't wait to get my hands on the next one, getting back to Evan and Matt.

HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, as was the previous one. You don't need to read the previous one to understand this one as Matt appears for maybe a page.. You can totally read it as a stand alone.

Additional Details: Format Kindle Ebook, 253 pages, 20 December 2014 / On GoodReads

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