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Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Faith & Fidelity (Faith, Love, & Devotion #1) [Evan & Matt] by Tere Michaels

This one was a total emotional ride, the kind I REALLY enjoy. Both main characters felt very genuine to me, I could really understand their struggles and difficulties. This is a BEAUTIFUL love story between two men that prior to finding each other never considered they might be gay / bi. Though I think it's a bit odd, I don't hold it against them or the author I think it sort of makes sense thinking about the characters and who they are. 

We start the book with Evan Cerelli dealing with his wife's sudden death. He is shattered but he has to keep on going, he has 4 kids to take care of, a job - he is a homicide detective - and all in all he is willing to put himself aside so he can do what needs to be done even if he is dead inside. His wife was everything to him, he loved her fiercely and he actually have never been with anyone else since they met at high school. She is all he knew. 

Matt Haight is having some sort of midlife crisis. He is stuck in life. Since he lost his job as a cop he struggles with himself. This is what he wanted to be yet he screwed it up and now he works in security which he couldn't care less for, he lost his friends from the force (the few he had) or he just forgot to be in touch, he lives in an empty studio apartment and life in general isn't working for him. 

Matt and Evan meet at a retirement party to Matt's old partner. They connect through their shared empty and sad vibe. They start meeting for beer and as meeting increase and the the alcohol levels rise both Matt and Evan start to open up to one another. It's easier for both of them to talk to someone who understand - grief, loneliness, guilt. 

Somewhere along the way attraction starts to build side by side with affection and then love. It was building beautifully. Though they are "menly men" you would think never confess to their feelings, these two does, on their fear, their anger, their confusion. All of it, so the story didn't drag because of "stupid fights" it DOES have a major crisis when one of them realizes how much is at stake. I should say that I didn't understand the last chapter and the way they worked their differences. But the whole of the book was SO amazing I could totally forget and forgive this point :)

It was beautiful seeing Matt getting close to Evan's kids. Though I'm not into kids in books, I think their role was done really well. Not too much children yet not forgetting they exist. It was obvious how much Matt is missing a family, as it was obvious how much Evan was missing a partner in life and in his family. The kids might not NEED another person in the family, but as they come to realize Matt is making their father happy - a happy father is better than the gloomy one they had for the passing year. Also Matt is handling them great and a sweet friendship builds between them all. I just really enjoyed seeing the development of this new family.  

Matt is really sweet. Beneath the macho and womanizer facade he is a great guy that wants to love and be loved he just never found someone who actually GOT him and could handle him. Never had someone to take care of, someone he WANTED to take care of. So when he feels Evan's need he is right there by his side. I think out of the two I somehow loved Matt more than Evan who mostly was dealing with some sort of depression. He was sinking too easily. At times I was quite angry with him for forgetting all about himself. But I couldn't really be angry with him for long as he was still grieving which was totally understandable. 

Near the end we meet Jim who is one of the MC in the next installment in the series. He is Matt's friend. Won't say more about it not to spoiler but I SHOULD say that Jim is a total sweet heart (as well) and I'm really looking forward to reading his HEA.

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 336 pages, 15-16 December 2014 / On GoodReads

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