Saturday, October 4, 2014

My Deliberate Mistake (Drowning #1) by Claire Svendsen

Sadly this book made no sense to me. I stopped reading at 49% when it was just, I don't know, silly? made no sense what-so-ever? We have Anna who is mentally unstable that's for sure though we never really get if she's schizophrenic or is her dead sister's spirit really IS there (well, up to the point I got..). The story is so stupid there is NO WAY that she's schizophrenic. There are so many things that makes no sense, all the characters are so shallow, Anna has SUCH an instant-love that there are NO WORDS to how unreal it is. She literally falls in love with a guy she didn't have a real conversation with he just got her off and then - PANG! ding-ding-ding LOVE! say WHAT? and the guy? yeah, he loves her too. WHAT? If it was all in her sick head it could have felt real but it wasn't since the guy feels the same way (?) and supposedly he isn't the only one. Two guys falls for a weird girl after the first time they meet. YEAH RIGHT.

It's supposes to be a thriller, a horror story but also some kind of a love story and it sucks to hell that the main hero is a stupid kid who loves having unsafe sex with whomever is or isn't offering while trying to mute her dead sister's voice. 

Bad to the bone and not in a positive sense. 

I'm not even bothering making a series page for this one.. there is another novella called "The Half-Truth" that suppose to bring this story to a closure. I don't feel like I have anything to add and since I didn't even finish half the book it's kinda pointless making a page about it.

 (DNF 49%)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 220 pages, 4 October 2014 / On GoodReads

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