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Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Truth & Tenderness (Faith, Love, & Devotion #6) [Evan & Matt/Jim & Griffin] by Tere Michaels

So here is the final installment in the "Faith Love & Devotion" series. Though it came as a surprise to find out about it, I'm so glad I did. This series, both couples were amazing. But I think, somehow, the last installment was a bit different from the first 4 novels, and not only because we got the two couples mixed together (like in "Blessed"). It's hard for me to think what really changed because when I think about it more seriously I realize that nothing really did, we just got too many sub plots in one novels. Two couples is pretty crowded as it is..

In a way I felt as though there is something a bit redundant about the subplot of Evan and Matt, even though it HAS to be different because years has gone by and Evan is more sure about him being gay and his relationship with Matt. Yet we get (almost) the same Evan we had in the first novel. Stressed out, more into his job than into the family and Matt. Matt taking over the kids and the family duties even though now he has a business to run. So while he is happy with Even being a Captain now, their relationship suffers. Especially when a "friend" from Evan's work is plotting against them. I HATED that and didn't understand how Evan hadn't realized it before it got blown away. Naturally, Evan and Matt's problem were resolved but I felt as though I didn't need another reminder of the same problems occurring again. I love these two! I do! But I would have appreciated something else happening between them. The ending, their HEA was so damn sweet I loved it! 

With Jim and Griffin it was different. Maybe because we had less page time with this couple in the past. Jim is hiding the fact he is working to put Tripp Ingersoll in jail, this time from a different angle since he can't prosecute him again for the murder of Carmen Kelly. In the end it just blows in his face in more ways than one. Griffin was very understanding when he found out about it, yet he wasn't about to accept Jim's involvement with Tripp for long. 

These two subplots worked together. Matt and Jim working together to find proof of Tripp's murderous behavior in the past. We had Griffin working on a new play, continuing his career yet not forgetting his relationship with Jim and both of them wanting more than they had - marriage, children. There was also Matt and Evan having their own problems with Evan being too much at work and expect Matt to take over. We had glimpses into Evan and Matt's kids as well as visits from Helena and Shane. If that was the bigger picture of the book I think I would have given it 5 stars even if some things were repetitive. I love these two couples and happy for a re-visit - yet it dragged for me because of Daisy, Bennett and Sadie. 

Who cares about those three and why does their drama make too many grown ups stay awake for days? I didn't think the drama made any sense really. I got why Daisy broke up with him but his part was off character. Then we had little Sadie which had too much center stage for me. This is a MM Romance novel, not a Drama book centering on family life. Yeah I got the need for Sadie being around - it was for Jim to see how much Griffin wants kids as well as for him to realize he wants it too especially with seeing how important it is for his boyfriend. But didn't we went through this enough in "Blessed"? Well, we didn't get to see Jim get involved there but I don't know, I just thought that Daisy and Bennett's part in the story was annoying. Also, getting them involved in the bigger picture with Jim's hunt for Tripp didn't make any sense as well. I didn't like the couple, not interested in reading about them and their whole part ruined the romance between the two main couples. 

I love both couples, I do. I enjoyed seeing their struggle and then their HEA was simply beautiful. With Griffin and Jim more extravagant, with Evan and Matt more private and sweet. It was so perfect! But I think that getting these two couples together in one book should have been enough. There was no need to add more couples and sub plots to the plot. Two couples in one is enough. I also think after reading this one that there was really no need for the previous installment AT ALL. I mean everything got revisited, it was like a sort of a glimpse into the couples in this installment. Yeah we had Jim and Griffin realizing they want to take the relationship one step forward and Griffin realizing he wants kids but that could have been arranged in the beginning of this one.. 

I'm sad to let this series go. But I do believe that both couples got their sweet HEA. This series felt so human and real and even when angsty I felt the characters dealt with their issues well. No tantrums were made. Yeah we had a little time off that needed to be taken, but I get that, and it's better than just screaming at one another. It felt real and mature. 

This is a highly recommended series! I LOVED the first 3 installments and though the 4th + 5th ones weren't really necessary in my opinion, getting more of both couples can't really be a bad thing. 

So farewell Matt, Evan, Jim and Griffin. We had a blast together :) 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 200 pages, 10-11 May 2015 / On GoodReads

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