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Monday, February 6, 2017

The Christmas Wish (Heart of Montana #2) [Tess & Lucas] by Katy Regnery

I'm not sure how to rate this one. I liked it but didn't love it. While Tess and Lucas REALLY deserved each other, and deserved happiness and love in their lives, I didn't really connect to either of them. 

We've met Tess in the previous installment, she is a waiter at a local diner in Gardiner. Last we've seen of her she was oggeling Sam (the MC in the previous book). It was very cheap and in my opinion SO inappropriate even if everyone calls her "Fast Tess". I mean, acting provocative is one thing, playing suggestive with someone else's date is down right mean. Then in this installment we see a totally different Tess, I wasn't sure which one was "real". The one idoling Jenny from this one, or the one who can hit on Sam while he's in Jenny's company. I think most of my problem with her was how polarized her character was, not only between the two installments but also in the sense she cries over EVERYTHING in a blink of an eye, yet she feels nothing as she lets guys use her and it feels like she's even encouraging them. Even if it's just to prove herself right (that they only want to use her). 

Lucas spent time in jail basically for defending his little sister. Yet when people meet an ex-con they don't bother themselves with too many questions, his (bad) reputation walks in front of him. Lucas is actually a great guy and when he sees how sweet Tess can be while no one is looking he sort of falls for her. Asking her on a date took courage. Tess was more than surprised Lucas was actually interested in HER and not her body / sex, she gave him rough times - not trusting him or believing the good he saw in her but in the end Lucas made her realize she's it for him and with tears in her eyes (per usual) she accepted. 

The story was a bit too sugary for me and both MC were "misunderstood" and besides that nearly if not totally perfect. I needed more depth to the story even if it was just a short novella. 

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