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Bound By Flames (Night Prince, #3) by Jeaniene Frost

Well, I have been waiting for this installment for a longgggg time, practically from the second I finished the previous one. Vlad Dracul, especially Jeaniene's Vlad Dracul is my absolute FAVORITE paranormal character, naturally most loved vampire, not to mention he isn't just ANY vampire he is THE vampire - Vlad Tepesh, the impaler! YUM on so many levels I can't even, no, there are NO WORDS!

So it's obvious that I LOVED this book. What was so great about it, wasn't specifically the plot - it was how much character development both Vlad and Leila went through. Living with Vlad, isn't easy, Leila needs to adjust, he is hundreds of years old conqueror, expecting him to become "modern" doesn't make any sense, yet will Leila by his side he seems to change, learn to respect her and her judgement as well as actually TRUST in her. There is one scene he actually takes her with him and sees her as someone who more than have the ability to defend herself, she is capable as being HIS backup. I kept being surprised with how much Vlad is willing to "adjust" ("change" is a "big word" I think it's mostly about him seeing her differently and reacting to the way he sees her NOW and not becoming someone else). Leila is a real bad-ass, I love that about her, she is truly the EXACT woman a man like Vlad needs. She also has the will power and mental strength of a warrior. She went through HELL in this book yet she came out of it will her head held strong (even if on the inside she still hurts). 

There is a side appearance of Mencheres and Cat. I would have loved having MORE of Mencheres though. Also there is a visit to Marie Laveau which was quite entertaining and also even though Vlad bid goodbye to his long (mostly) loyal friend Maximus - he has quite an appearance and I have a feeling we will see him again in the next installment. 

In this installment, as was in the previous two, Vlad and Leila try and kill their tormentor - Szilagyi Mihaly - who is actually the vampire who brought them together when he kidnapped Leila and intended on using her against his long hated rival - Vlad Dracul.. Yet THAT deed won't get him invited to their wedding.. only to HIS impending doom.. Yet since the story doesn't end with this one (though first planned to be a trilogy this series will be getting one last installment after this one) not all ends well. There is one loose end to tie.. a very surprising one.. 

I really enjoyed this one. Though I didn't like some things that felt a bit repetitive (Leila is getting kidnapped AGAIN, fourth time in 3 books is a bit excessive don't you think?), the way Cat helped felt a bit "off", somehow I didn't accept the explanation to the power she used to help Vlad. Yet all in all, the few things that DID annoy me were so mild.. it was such a JOY to return to Vlad and Leila for the third time which makes me really happy to know we are getting another book of these two where their relationship is established and they can actually work as a team and not only Vlad being the one saving Leila or generally being worried about her and how to protect her. 

Don't miss out on the Epilogue, it was GREAT, Laugh Out Loud funny! and also a beautiful and somewhat tender conclusion to the book. 

CAN'T WAIT for the fourth and last installment - sadly only next year.. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 384 pages, 28-30 January 2015 / On GoodReads
The Night Prince is the much anticipated and ADORED spin off to the Night Huntress by Jeaniene Frost.It's the love story of Vlad the Impaler. 
Vlad came into my live and I never want him to leave... Right now, these books, telling us his and Leila's story are my absolute favorite PNR / UF books. Vlad, for sure, is my absolute favorite male character in a PNR series. In one word YUM! 
Vlad and Leila's story takes place close to the ending of the Night Huntress series. To be exact the first 2 novels take place after the 6th installment ("One Grave at a Time") and the last two after the 7th and final novel in the Night Huntress series ("Up from the Grave"). There are double appearance of Vlad & Leila in the Night Huntress and Cat & Bones in the Night Prince so if you wanna do it "right" stick to the reading order listed bellow. You COULD read the Night Prince before the Night Huntress series, you'll just be introduced to Cat & Bones there.. 

There are four books in this series. The first book starts before Leila and Vlad actually meet and follow the build up of their relationship. Leila is a lot more than a "common average human" and they truly find in each other their match. 
Throughout the books they try together to best Vlad's long lost nemesis - Szilagyi Mihaly - who have been plotting against Vlad for YEARS, gathering strength, power and allies to be able to FINALLY get rid of him. Yet we are talking about Vlad freaking Tepesh, it's obvious how it's going to end - death and destruction, and a lot of it by fire! :) OH JOY! 
1. Once Burned (published 26 June 2012) ★★★★★
Twice Tempted (published 26 March 2013) ★★★★★
3.  Bound by Flames (published 27 January 2015) ★★★★★
4.  Into the Fire (published 28 February 2017) ★★★★★

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