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Sunday, February 12, 2017

See Jane Fall (Heart of Montana #4) [Lars & Jane] by Katy Regnery

Though I enjoyed many things about this book, and though I REALLY loved Lars, I had mixed feelings about Jane and at some point I felt the story dragged, I guess it had mostly to do with Jane, her mixed feelings and insecurities. Even though I felt her pain, even though she is VERY relatable on so many levels, it took her TOO long and while she was worried about HER heart being broken she totally missed how much she hurt Lars with the way she guarded herself. 

Jane is not only the assistant but also the cousin of the gorgeous Samara Amaya. She comes to Gardiner to help prepare for Samara's shoots later that week. Coming early means a few days off, from the demanding and downright EVIL Samara. Samara doesn't have ANY redeeming traits, even at her best (near the end) she was still selfish in her behavior and her father, Jane's uncle was even WORSE, I felt he was using her emotionally even more than Samara ever did. So let's just say that Jane has a horrible life she hates and she doesn't have anyone else besides Samara and her parents since her mother and father died when she was ten years old. Back to the story.. working under Samara means being "plain Jane", the one no one looks at, and even when someone WAS interested in her it ended once the stunning Samara entered the guys' vision. So it's no wonder than even though she and Lars seems to connect she pushes him away at any turn, not believing anything can actually hold once her cousin arrives. 

I felt sorry for her, for her childhood, for having to deal with Samara, with a demanding uncle who looks like her father (they were twins) but expects her to do Samara's bidding no matter how much it drains her, hurts her and how down right abusing the whole thing is! Also being a "plain looking girl" attached to one of the most beautiful girls out there is also hard on one's self esteem not to mention Samara would gladly take from Jane just to spite her. What she shared with Lars while they were alone, just the two of them, was everything she could have asked for. He isn't just beautiful, sexy, sweet and kind, they also share a lot in common, they enjoy each other's company and listening to 60s music. 

Lars have always been a player. It's not that he doesn't want to settle down, it's just there is NO ONE there for him in the small town of Gardiner, and unlike his siblings who found their HEA in the surrounding towns, Lars would NEVER leave Yellowstone behind. Being a tour guide, just wandering around in the park is his LIFE AND PASSION. What he finds in Jane he hasn't found with ANYONE, and he so wishes they could build a future together, maybe Jane would even stay and leave her horrible cousin to go back to New York and find others to torment. But Jane is playing "hard to get", she is SO insecure every step of the way she plays hot-cold, and it's exhausting really, for me at least, for him it's frustrating and also hurts.. no matter what he says or does, Jane NEVER seems to trust him.

It gets even worse once Samara arrives and decides she is having Lars no matter what and him saying no to her is NOT an option. What a bitch.. hurting Jane is one thing, but also using a guy who isn't even into you?! The fact Samara got her way practically the WHOLE book, up until the end was SO annoying. She never actually "paid" for anything bad she did, the hurt she spread around on the contrary. 

There's a small sub plot about Lars' place in the family's business, I thought it would play out differently, but I think it's best the way it did. I wish we got more of that, more of the Lindstrom family in general and not only the family gathering with all the small babies. I liked we got more of Maggie and Paul, getting ready for both Paul's book and Nils and Maggie's right after to finish the series. 

All in all it was an okay read. I liked the idea behind it, I liked Lars and I think Jane is the sort of "anti-hero" that SHOULD be a hero, someone like "you and me", a regular Joe so to speak, but I wish her insecurities didn't take THAT MUCH of the plot and didn't hurt Lars as much as they did. He didn't deserve that. It's not only he was a pawn in Samara's playground he was also a ball thrown and caught by Jane. 

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