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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

What Were You Expecting? (Heart of Montana #6) [Nils & Maggie] by Katy Regnery

No doubt, my absolute favorite of the bunch! and a favorite in general. This book kept me glued to my seat with a constant stomach ache, the best kind to be had ;) First I have to say this book was not what I was expecting! hehe, I mean, we got glimpses of Maggie and Nils longing for one another from near and far and yet since we didn't get their POV up until this one, it was IMPOSSIBLE to guess what's behind the surface. Actually the timing of this book is mostly a little bit before the 4rd installment (Lars & Jane) and only around 3/4 in we are somewhere around the beginning of the 5th one (Paul & Zoe). So though Maggie and Nils behave as "nothing is going on", there is actually SO MUCH going on, it's a wonder no one in this small town and especially their close group realized what was happening beneath their noses. 

Maggie came to Montana 4 years ago when her aunt was dying. Mesmerized by everything she read about Gardiner and the romance in her aunt's life she decided to go on an adventure herself and run her aunt's cafe house. When Nils came in she was a goner.. but he was also deeply affected by her. Yet with Nils stoic appearance Maggie totally missed his true reaction to her (from that day on). Of course everyone in their close group knew fairly well Maggie is interested in Nils, and also that Nils is interested in her and yet she somehow never saw it and she wasn't about to make fun of herself in offering herself to him only to be rejected so she kept her interest to herself, quietly longing for him to somehow see her as a woman. For Nils that wasn't a problem at all! Which is why he kept his distance. He was a friend to her, even a good friend, but one that never stays too long or too close. I knew there are secrets keeping them apart, and I guessed it was mostly Nils' secrets since Maggie was all for him to make his move, but I didn't see the heartache that was coming my way once his past was revealed. I could see why he was reluctant to live, to love, after what he experienced and the fact it all happened so many years ago solidified it more than made it peacefully go away.  

Nils and Maggie are "thrown in together" when she realizes her visa expired a few months ago and her only chance to stay in the country - in Gardiner, her home, with the family and friends she acquired is getting married, and as it seems Nils is the best or rather only candidate.. Nils is confused by all of this, but somehow he makes the right choices even if along the way he makes A LOT of mistakes. I could totally get his POV, even though he was hurting Maggie, he was hurting himself, he was confused, and he had promises to keep, ones he made so long ago. Yet JUST getting married isn't enough when the legitimacy of their marriage is being questioned they have no other option but to LEARN how to be a real couple so they can pass as one. All of that with literally 3 more people beside themselves knowing about the whole ordeal. The was a lot of heartache, but also a lot of sweet and sexy times between these two. Though they have been friends for the past 4 years they have many things to learn about each other, and even though they wish they could keep some of them to themselves, they really can't considering they'll be questioned about them.. NOT knowing means deportation for Maggie and jail time for Nils.. This is not the time for secrets, yet it doesn't mean they both feel very secure in exposing themselves when neither is sure what would happen the next day, will they remain a couple, a true one, or if everything would crumble away leaving them heartbroken and alone.  

I could go on forever about this book. It was so beautiful and yet so painful to read. I read it in two days, stopping once when I was too tired to continue (and also didn't want to be a zombie the following day..) and on the second sitting I finished the book. The ending was somehow expected, it was the only way to go as I saw it, though it's not a turf I personally like it was just fitting in this story, it made both of them make a step forward they needed. While Maggie was so tormented by wanting Nils and him playing hot-cold, Nils himself was tormented not only with how much he wanted her and how much he wished he could treat her right, he was also unsure about if she should even consider being with him when there is someone else - Beck (their lawyer) who is interested in her, and she seems to be interested in him as well. I felt sorry for Beck, he was really a good guy, he deserves someone who loves HIM for who he is. I think though it was a losing game, trying to win Maggie, he never made any cruel act towards neither of them. He was a true friend even if he always wished for more. In my mind I can see his HEA, 5-6 years from now when he finally gets his own HEA.

This book finishes the series and leaves me with a longing to visit Yellowstone park, and a nice quiet town where everyone knows and cares for one another. This is also me finishing Katy's published work and hoping the next one will be released soon :)

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