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Friday, February 10, 2017

Midsummer Sweetheart (Heart of Montana #3) [Erik & Katrin] by Katy Regnery

Another sweet and endearing story. Like the previous ones there is something very innocent about the writing and the characters. Don't expect any sex scenes, and be prepared for a rather flowery romance between the MCs. I enjoyed that, they both needed each other, and the way their relationship developed (even though it was a bit fast) they both got what they so deserved. Love eluded both of them, for different reasons entirely but here they got the best match for each other. I loved the Scandinavian references, the way they exchanges small sentences in their mother (and father ;)) tongue. We got a little bit of that in the first installment as well. 

We've met Erik in the first book in the series, he is Jenny's youngest brother (still HER elder). Erik has always been a player, love is not something he cares or wishes for in life. His parents have been the most loving couple most of his life, and he cherished and idolized that relationship up until his mother's illness, seeing his father in a total different light making him question everything he believed in. Making him FEAR love / being in love. It was sad and endearing at the same time seeing him struggle with his feelings toward Katrin. She was quite patient with him, and really sweet actually but he was so confused. I get why he fell for her, not only because of who she is, character-wise or how she looks. There was something so very "familiar", in their mutual Scandinavian ancestry, the connection between the families, the fact he NEEDED to be there for her on behalf of Ingrid's request (His sister's best friend from early childhood). He was in this "position" to "let her in" - to his life, to his heart. With other women, before her, he never got close, he chose to be that way with them.

I feel like I'm getting ahead of myself and the story.. Let's back up a little.. we start the story with Katrin - Kristian's sister - freaked out after her ex-fiance tried to hurt her. She is shaken up and really not sure how to live her life with how Wade is behaving. Kristian and Ingrid (his wife) take her into their home for a few days but then prompt her to take a job in another town a few hours away where she can try and build a better future without Wade's shadow ruining her life. She accepts since she doesn't have any other option really.. Her ride is Erik who is also traveling north to a town not far away from Katrin's destination. After his sister move he moved as well, pursuing his interest in becoming a police officer. Now, on his way to a training program he agrees to help Katrin out. Ingrid asks Erik not only to drive her, but to see that she is all-right. He doesn't really like that, especially when he realizes how attracted he is to her and since she is so close to his family it's a BAD idea to pursue his interest (which is purely physical, right?). 

Katrin feels a little embarrassed that she needs all this help, and the mess she made out of her life because she stayed with Wade WAY too long. Her reasoning is explained and I could see why she made the choices she did. Also it's hard to see a way out when you're in a relationship with someone this long and from such an early age. She is attracted to Erik but she doesn't want to just act on her attraction, she is a "good girl", the kind of marries, not fools around and since Erik can't offer her anything serious she tries her best to just be his friend. His friendship is something she learns to value and enjoy throughout the time she is staying up north. Her life in general is looking up. She really likes her co-workers at the clinic, and she loves the little town she is living in. She is just a little confused about what to do with Erik and his mixed messages.. 

Every sunday they meet and spend time together, and with each time they grow closer and it's getting hard for both of them to ignore what is REALLY happening but even talking about it freaks Erik out, and Katrin isn't sure she can even ask Erik what she wants even if it's getting obvious he wants more than just a fling. Calling her "sweetheart" is only the beginning.. But Erik is truly scared shit-less of what's going on with him (and her) especially when he realizes it's "Midsummer" and they will be celebrating it together, the two families.. Katrin is more than disappointed with him, she is also worried about returning home and where Wade will be or rather, what he'll do. 

I feel there is much more I could say about this story, about Katrin and Erik, on their own and together, about Erik finding his resolve, about how being together in the "Midsummer" gathering of the two families they find love and truths they didn't expect to find. But I'll leave my review here because I don't want to spoiler. 

I really enjoyed this book. There was something so sweet and heartwarming about it. The innocence, the simplicity of their lives, and the deep Scandinavian roots made this story a such an enjoyable read. My only complaint really is the ending which felt a bit "rushed" for me. I'm truly happy with the HFN endings and this one, trying to deliver a real HEA, was cutting it close to a rushed relationship/ending. I gotta say that though it seems it took me a long time to read it, it was just life getting in the way of my reading. I just started it, barely getting into the story when I had a few very hectic days leaving me exhausted and so when I finally sat yesterday to read, I found myself reading most of it till I fell asleep, unable to keep my eyes open, only to wake up early to finish it before I got ready to begin my day. Hurray for Katrin and Erik :) 

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