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Elliot, Song of the Soulmate (Love, Austen #5) [Elliot & Wentworth] by Anyta Sunday

Honestly I don't have anything to say except for READ IT! If I can add another line it would be - but don't you DARE neglect the other ones in the series. 

I waited WAY to long before starting this one and that is only because for the past two weeks I don't have an e-reader and for me, reading on the phone, feels like punishment. But I missed reading and this one was calling my name so I opened the Kindle app last night and..... Read until it was WAY too late only to finish it in the morning. I was SO disappointed it simply ENDED. Which is by the way, my only "complaint". I'm happy these two found their way back to each other, seeing them apart, longing for what they had broke my heart to too many pieces. 

This book was simply everything. Everything I could have wished for or wanted, everything to find in your HEA. It had the right amount of aching and longing coupled with heartfelt romance between two teenagers with a lot of hopes and dreams for a better future as well as down to earth grown ups who lost hope on that bright future. I also really appreciated the way Elliot and Wentworth changed throughout the years yet stayed the same where it mattered which is why with all the hurt they couldn't be mean to one another. They were just as heartbroken meeting 15 years later realizing (again) what they had lost. 

Elliot Anneston has already known he was bi when he and Wentworth McAllister met for the first time, but he hadn't expected the whirlwind that this encounter would bring into his life. With one look Wentworth KNEW what he wanted - In life and from Elliot and it's the kind of FOREVER only someone as young as him would blurt out. But he stood by his words and as they spend more and more time together, Elliot realized this is what and especially WHO he wanted. I guess there could be a lot of meanings to "Persuasion" from both men's eyes, but it's also the book by Jane Austen this one is based on.  

Graduation date brought Elliot the worst news he could ever get and so he had to make a decision even if it will break both of their hearts. 15 years later he still hasn't forgotten Wentworth but following his success through the news it seems he found a bright future for himself. He never expected him to return, especially to share an office together, when just seeing him brings back everything they shared and mostly what they had lost. 

Elliot has been working at "Ask Austen" film studios as a temporary relationship and intimacy consultant which is why his office is actually a music studio. Wentworth came to help out the production after the song writers who were suppose to work with them bailed. He didn't expect to see Elliot again (even if he did wonder what happened to him) but when the opportunity to share the office arises he takes it with both hands even if it hurts his heart seeing Elliot everyday. 

We only get Elliot's POV but I think Wentworth's actions and words speak far clearly than Elliot understood. Maybe Wentworth was trying not to surrender to his feelings but he couldn't ignore them. For both there was no one else and there never will be. 

I liked the way these two circled each other. How much it pained both to say the words that needed to be said and the way they spoke through what was happening around them just not saying what THEY felt and what they wanted or rather craved to have once again. Their love was beautiful and tender, every moment they shared together was precious. I also understood both men's actions and in a way why everything that happened needed to happen. It was sad but also truthful. I think they did what was right or "best" at the time and maybe finding each other mature was better. I'm sure they would have made it if Wentworth stayed but it would have colored their life in a totally different way. 

This book, and the whole series, are beautiful - each in its own way. There's a bit of similarities between this one and the previous one in the sense Elliot and Wentworth shared a past and had to let each other go before they could start over again but that being said, the circumstances were totally different as well as how everything unfolded before and after they got together the second time. I ADORE a second time romance so I feel like I got a bonus with these two. Speaking of getting a bonus - since the setting is in Brandon and Cameron's production company we get to revisit ALL couples. 


Read on:
23-24 October 2021


Love, Austen is a Contemporary Romance series by Anyta Sunday. Each book delivers an updated (and gay) version of the 6 novels written by Jane Austen (including a Jane Austen themed novella). I haven't actually read any of the original novels (though after finishing the series decided to educate myself :)) but it doesn't really matter, Anyta can write about penguins on the moon and I'll read it hehe. This series is simply SUPERB. I love each of the characters, their personal arc and as a couple. Each is so simple yet complex. ALL are MUST READ with a delicious slow burn.

[ If you've felt the ending of the second novel a bit rushed, trust Anyta, she will make it better, continue on to the next one - and that's ALL I'm going to say here :) ]

Honestly can't recommend this series enough, each on it's own and especially all together. 



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