Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Dauntless (Luckless, #2) by Cari Z.

I've got say this wasn't my favorite.  In general it felt like an interlude and not a whole story even if in a way we got what I was missing in the previous one "Luckless" (also novella length) - seeing Evan and Lee / Ladon as a formed couple and how they manage life in Forge together with Lee's son Jason. 

In the previous installment we've met Evan Luck, or as he was referred to - Luckless - for losing his dragon. The same dragon his father and grandfather rode. When he came to Forge it was expected he would find a dragon to bond with, but until that happened, he was basically shunned. When he met Lee Caldwell he didn't know half of it.. 

As I was writing the previous installment I didn't want to spoiler so I didn't mention Lee's big secret - he is actually a shape shifting dragon who goes by the name Ladon. After his human companion (and pervious rider) had died he was left with their son Jason. It isn't clear what would happen to Jason, if he would grow into a rider or a shape shifting dragon but in the meanwhile, at the age of 10, he is miserable he can't find a dragon to bond with. Both Evan and Lee are frustrated as they realize it might actually be dangerous for him to stay "unbonded" for much longer. 

There was A LOT of Jason in this one and though he might be considered a sweet kid, I didn't "come here" for kid drama, I came for the romance and the action or drama of this dystopian world. What we do get is a bit of "politics" and why staying in Forge might end up being problematic, as well as why they need to look for what's going on in Chicago. The story closes with a promise of an adventure, around Chicago but also the change they see in the monsters appearance. I'm actually interested in seeing where Cari will take this one. 

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24-25 October 2020

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