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Emerett Has Never Been in Love (Love, Austen #1) [Emerett & Knight] by Anyta Sunday

The only thing regretful about this book - it had to end. Lucky for us, in less than two weeks the next one ("Cameron Wants to Be a Hero") will be out and hopefully it means we'll get glimpses into Emerett and Knight's lives, now as an established couple. This book was beyond cute. I loved both Emerett and Knight and though it wasn't always easy to understand what the older knight found in Emerett, I was head over heels for Knight so really I can totally get why ANYONE would fall for him. 

The whole story is told from Emerett “Lake” Lakewood POV. He 25 years old and though he wishes his life was more put together like some of his friends and neighbors he's still a "work in progress". He has been living for a while with his best friend Taylor and his fiancĂ© but not that they are married and gone on their honeymoon he reverts back to Taylor's home growing up (where he used to spend a lot of time as well), now only having one person living in it - Taylor's father - Knight. Knight is a comforting and reassuring figure for Emerett but he also doesn't have any problem with telling Emerett how it is. Yet he is kind and loving and is everything Emerett needs to feel settled. 

Knightly "Knight" Dixon had Taylor when he was in high school. It wasn't easy but he managed to make a decent life for himself and his son. The one thing he didn't get around to having is a relationship and it doesn't take a genius to realize why. He is in-love with his son's best friend and have been for a few years. I'll admit it IS a bit strange for a 44 years old to fall for someone Emerett's age and especially since he saw him growing up (though it was from when Emerett was probably 18 years old) I somehow COULD see how Emerett was awakening in Knight something more fun and spontaneous unlike his usual organized life. Emerett somehow challenged him even if you'd think it's only the other way around. 

Our clueless Emerett can't even see the obvious love filled eyes of the guy he is now living with, so it's no wonder though he strives to play match-maker with his friends it doesn't really work out that well.. Yet he adoringly tries, frustrating Knight to no end (also making him quite jealous in the process). 

The interaction between Knight and Emerett was EVERYTHING. I read this book basically in one sitting because I just COULD NOT put it down. I had so much fun with Emerett's insecurities and blindness together with Knight's  endless patience and compassion. He was always there for Emerett even when it was obvious it isn't easy for him but as they spend more and more time together though he was still unsure about what Emerett wanted (or if he was ready for the next step) HE was finally accepting his own wants and desires. I wish we could have been in his head just a little. 

There is much more to say about the plot, the side characters whom we're going to meet in the next installments for sure but as there are a few of them and each have his own personal story I'd rather leave you to it. Also there is the theme of this series with each one being loosely based on a Jan Austen novel - this one based on "Emma". As English isn't my mother tongue these are not the kind of books I read in school / growing up so I'm glad to get to know them from a newer perspective.

This was a WONDERFUL read. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND it. I'll admit I'm a bit bummed the 2nd installment isn't already waiting for me on my kindle. Oh well, it was nice immersing myself with a book this weekend but let's be honest I rarely have the time these days. Which is another reason why this was a total and absolute TREAT. 

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Love, Austen is a Contemporary Romance series by Anyta Sunday. Each book delivers an updated (and gay) version of the 6 novels written by Jane Austen. 

1. Emerett Has Never Been in Love - "Emma" [Emerett “Lake” Lakewood & Knightly "Knight" Dixon] (Published 15 March 2021) ★★★★★
2. Cameron Wants to Be a Hero - "Northanger Abbey" [Cameron Morland & Henry Tilney] (Published 17 May 2021) ★★★★★
3. Bennet, Pride Before the Fall

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