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Cameron Wants to Be a Hero (Love, Austen #2) [Cameron & Henry] by Anyta Sunday

~sigh~ This book was totally and absolutely IMPOSSIBLE to put down. I read till 3 am! I don't think I moved (more than changing positions) the whole time. This book really touched me. I felt a deep connection with Cameron. Henry was SUCH a sweet heart, he had his own struggles, but even though we didn't get his POV it was obvious how much he wanted, no, craved having something real with Cameron. This is novel, like the previous installment, and like all the others to come, is based on one of Jane Austen's novel. This one being "Northanger Abbey". 

Cameron Morland life is no garden of roses. He lives in his father's house while he is away - now needing to evict in a few weeks notice since his father decided to return (and where to?!). He works with his brother Brandon whom he loves dearly but his job isn't the one he truly wants. He wants to write screen plays not (as his father puts it) be his brother's secretary. His love life is non existent which is no wonder really with how shy and introverted he is. He feels truly uncomfortable in crowded places. He would rather spend time with the few friends he has like Lake and Knightly. Too bad these two are going on vacation and renting their house in the meantime to two siblings - Isabella and John - whom I wanted to MURDER on every appearance. 

When Henry Tilney appears in Cameron's office guessing his life away he is more than intrigued. But he isn't sure how to go about his interest especially since Henry lives in a mansion he has been TERRIFIED of ever since he was a little kid. Being chased by a ghost would do that to right around anyone, right? Yet somehow in no time at all Cameron, Henry and his sister Georgie become great friends. Spending time together whenever the most horrible siblings - Isabella and John - aren't there to sabotage right around EVERYTHING. Isabella is obsessed with Brandon and John with Cameron and while his brother IS interested in Isabella he doesn't have ANY interest in John and I totally got why.. What a douche.. (I'm being polite). 

Cameron and Henry does manage to build something special together. Henry's interest in novels also helps, building their own secret language, one he used to share only with his brother. Now with an encouraging hand from his new friends he starts to dream of the life he could have. Only problem is how to make it work with the deeply closeted Henry, being so afraid his father would reject him once he realizes Cameron hasn't been coming for Georgie but for him.. 

This book was a tender and sweet ride, but it was also VERY emotional for me. I had a very hard time dealing with how Isabella and John treated Cameron (and Brandon) and though I never experienced something AS horrible, there are some things I could relate with. I had people in my life who tried to manipulate me in a sense (again, noting as bad..) and I'm so happy these people are LONG gone and I'm NEVER allowing anyone to treat me this way ever again. Cameron (and Brandon) needed to learn their own lesson. It took time which was truly painful to read. But that's also growth which is a must in any hero :)

I loved how Cameron and Henry's life entwined together. They had so many things in common while being so different in other aspects. I was really touched by their first encounter and how it affected their lives. 

My only semi issue with this book is the ending in a way was rushed. I mean I wanted a deeper resolve on a certain issue and Anyta somehow made it fade to black. I can only hope one day we'll get a glimpse into what happened. 

In case I wasn't clear up until now - THIS IS A MUST READ! HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!

Can't wait for the next ones. Hear they are all coming this year which is FABULOUS!   

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17 May 2021


Love, Austen is a Contemporary Romance series by Anyta Sunday. Each book delivers an updated (and gay) version of the 6 novels written by Jane Austen. 

1. Emerett Has Never Been in Love - "Emma" [Emerett “Lake” Lakewood & Knightly "Knight" Dixon] (Published 15 March 2021) ★★★★★
2. Cameron Wants to Be a Hero - "Northanger Abbey" [Cameron Morland & Henry Tilney] (Published 17 May 2021) ★★★★★
3. Bennet, Pride Before the Fall

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