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Subtle Blood (The Will Darling Adventures, #3) by K.J. Charles

Beautiful, heartfelt and action packed. Really what more can you ask. I can't believe this is our goodbye from Will and Kim. I'm going to miss them! In this one we get more - a lot more - of Kim, his family and upbringing which definitely sheds light on the person he grew up to be. This whole book was seeing a different side of Kim. I was kind of surprised to see that in this book Kim is the one who is sure of his feelings towards Will, while Will needed to think and re-think the whole thing. He enjoys the time they spend together he dislikes when they are apart, but can there be a future for them? That's an answer he is unable to answer. 

Kim has been helping Will out in his 2nd hand book shop now that he is unemployed. But it doesn't change the fact Will is just a commoner and Kim comes from a whole different class. Will feels the effort Kim is making but it's still, at times, unnerving and it gets much more complicated as the book progresses. Their daily routine takes a turn when Kim's older brother (and heir to the family's title) is suspected of murder and Kim (together with Will naturally) decide to investigate the incident. Chingford (Kim's obnoxious brother) couldn't look guilties and he has reasons wanting Paul Fairfax dead.

Kim has another and more pressing reason to helping his brother - if his brother hangs for said murder he will be the one to inherit the family's name and that would mean having a totally different lifestyle and mostly losing Will for good. Which is why he HAS to work with his father who loathes him (and accuses him of his younger brother's death), but Kim is determined and so is Will beside him. Only this is not Kim and Will's only problem as it seems the Private Bureau hasn't done their job right with members of Zodiac and now they are re-grouping under a new leader - Leo.

Needing to stay hidden they resort to Kim's childhood home - Holmclere - which is practically a castle (in Will's eyes anyway). At first it accentuates the difference between them, but not for long. Staying there allows Will to see what Kim had to deal with growing up and show Kim what he feels and thinks about it. Seeing Will stand up for Kim was simply precious. There were so many of these heartfelt moments from both Will and Kim. They truly see the best in each other. 

I loved having more of Phoebe and Maisie Jones. They lighten the mood for sure, but they are also helpful. This might not be the time for women to shine but these two shine for sure! I also really appreciated Maisie's advice to Will. She had he own experience dealing with hardship and difficult decisions. 

There is a lot more I could say as this book was SUCH a beautiful ending to the series. It doesn't exactly end with a definite "Happily Ever After" but knowing those two they're going to have many adventures and reasons to test their devotion to one another (and always end up together). It was more than enough for me, though I wouldn't mind (hint hint) getting another trilogy this time from Kim's POV. 

This is truly a SUPERB series. It MUST be read by order so if you're reading this and you haven't read the first one(s) there is no question - start at the beginning - It's a WONDERFUL ride I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND. 

~sigh~ I'm going to miss these two.. 

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This book will be out - 23 June 2021 - Pre-order it through the links below.

Bonus Epilogue "How Goes the World" (Free of KJ's Website) - First things first - this was a VERY delayed realization on who DS is.. Have you read "Think of England"? If the answer is yes, that's clue enough, if the answer is no - it's the wrong answer - READ IT! hehe 
I really enjoyed this one, it's not that long but it got us both a glimpse of Archie and Daniel 20 years after their own story ended as well as another glimpse into the lives of Will and Kim, FINALLY from Kim's POV. WHAT A JOY. 

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24-27 May 2021
The Will Darling Adventures by K.J. Charles is an Historical Romance / Romantic Suspense series in three parts, giving us the true HEA only at the very end of the series.

It tells the slow but steady (if trust challenged) love story between Will Darling and Kim Secretan - or in his full title - Arthur Aloysius Kimberley de Brabazon Secretan.

There are many colorful characters all around, attraction that both are unable to resist and more secrets than truth (mostly from Kim..). There's also a hint of someone we've already met in "Think of England" see if you figure it out :)

I really enjoyed the whole arc of the main villains - Zodiac (an extremist group) - as well as the slow buildup of the relationship. They were both unsure what to make of their connection / friendship / attraction (especially considering their difference in class) or even their mutual interest in making a difference and fighting for justice. It was frustrating at times from both sides but also for me as a reader. I REALLY wanted to get their HEA but it wasn't easy for either of them to admit even to themselves how much they care for one another and what they are willing to do to keep each other. 


1. Slippery Creatures (Published 13 May 2020) ★★★★★
2. The Sugared Game (Published 26 August 2020) ★★★★★
3. Subtle Blood (Published 23 June 2020) ★★★★★

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