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The Sugared Game (The Will Darling Adventures #2) by K.J. Charles

Though it took me more than I would like I REALLY enjoyed this one. I can't wait to get the third and final installment but I would also be very sad to say goodbye to Will and Kim as well as Phoebe and Maisie. I hope we'll get some sort of happy ending for the ladies as well.

After the way things ended in the last installment you'd think Kim Secretan - Lord Arthur - would pay Will Darling a visit in his bookstore but he is being "Kimmish" as Phoebe puts it. He only reappears when he realizes Will has found himself - yet again - tangled with the Zodiac radial group. Will isn't impressed, he is rather angry with him but he agrees to help as truth being told, after serving in the war - being a bookstore is quite boring... 

It all started with an invitation for drinks in a club Maisie received which resulted in Maisie getting potential clients who adore her dress and design on his first visit and on the second a full out brawl. In between is when Kim informs Will about the shady business this club is handling - besides music and drinks.. They try to take down the club owners and through it get to "Capricorn" - the leader of Zodiac but the result leaves the two - once again - separated. 
When Kim finally re-appears drunk and falls asleep right before he admits he actually KNOWS who Capricorn is, Will has had ENOUGH of Kim's behavior he is ready to truly say goodbye. He doesn't mind helping Kim, he enjoys their relationship when they are actually together but he feels used and that he won't accept. 

He DOES call Kim up when HE puts the pieces together and realizes they need to act NOW as things might turn for the worse this weekend if they don't. I won't say more not to spoiler, but it was SUCH a wonderful face-off. The banter was superb and the whole way everything unraveled, with each character's role in it was a joy to read (as well as nerve racking!) I couldn't have asked for more, truly. 

This book ends with a sort of promise for things to be different for Kim and Will. Both men are sick and tired of all the secrets and lies. I think Will is mostly "caught up" with what Kim was hiding about his job but there are still things about his past Will is wondering about. They both feel they WANT to explore something more between them but unsure what each has to offer but now it seems they might have a bit more time to think and re-think a few things. 

I honestly thought K.J would make a different decision concerning the both of them and their future so now I'm REALLY interested to see where they take their new found time together.

Wonderful read! If you've read the first one you probably didn't need my review to grab it and read it, but if you haven't - start from the beginning - it's SO worth it. 

Before you delve into the next one, there's a free bonus scene taking place between this one and the next installment - "To Trust Man on His Oath" (Free of KJ's Website) - The name of this scene kinda says it all. Trust is something that wasn't there for most of Will and Kim's relationship and if they want to be more it's something they need to fix. A 3 in the morning chat puts truths on the table. Will might be a more simply man but his wisdom is a pleasure to read. Trust is a paradox. You need to give it first before you can hope to receive it. Lucky Kim he has someone like Will on his side. 
I'll add something more as I read this one after finishing the 3rd (and last) installment. I think this beautiful and heartfelt scene gives us an insight into a certain change in dynamics between Will and Kim. It's a promise of seeing something we (including Will) haven't seen in Kim before. 

Read on:
29 Sep - 3 Oct 2020
The Will Darling Adventures by K.J. Charles is an Historical Romance / Romantic Suspense series in three parts, giving us the true HEA only at the very end of the series.

It tells the slow but steady (if trust challenged) love story between Will Darling and Kim Secretan - or in his full title - Arthur Aloysius Kimberley de Brabazon Secretan.

There are many colorful characters all around, attraction that both are unable to resist and more secrets than truth (mostly from Kim..). There's also a hint of someone we've already met in "Think of England" see if you figure it out :)

I really enjoyed the whole arc of the main villains - Zodiac (an extremist group) - as well as the slow buildup of the relationship. They were both unsure what to make of their connection / friendship / attraction (especially considering their difference in class) or even their mutual interest in making a difference and fighting for justice. It was frustrating at times from both sides but also for me as a reader. I REALLY wanted to get their HEA but it wasn't easy for either of them to admit even to themselves how much they care for one another and what they are willing to do to keep each other. 


1. Slippery Creatures (Published 13 May 2020) ★★★★★
2. The Sugared Game (Published 26 August 2020) ★★★★★
3. Subtle Blood (Published 23 June 2020) ★★★★★

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