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Tuesday, December 19, 2017

Shear Heaven (A Modern Fairytale #6) [Bella & Nico] by Katy Regnery

Truly an endearing story. Every page, ever passage in this one feels like the fairytale that it is. I admit I don't think I've ever read or seen the story of Rapunzel but really it makes no difference, I FELT our little princes locked in a tower even if it was a grand hotel and even though she technically wasn't unable to step foot outside of it. She was still trapped. My heart broke for her, for the miserable life she had to live with the sad circumstances that led to it. 

Bella Capelli have been working for her godmother for the past few years, ever since her parents died in a car accident. Her godmother and her mother used to be best friends in high school but the years apart and the distance from the small town in Switzerland the grew up in to New York city where her godmother have  been building her salon empire shows us a woman who is determined to work Bella to the ground, using her as much as she can and practically enslaving her to her job and herself. 

Bella meets Prince Nico De'Medici when he is in a desperate need for a hair dresser for his twin sister Valentina. It's closing time and Bella is cleaning up the place after hours so he's lucky to find her. There's a connection between the two right from the very first moment, The little time they share together, those stolen moments they manage to share shows the both of them true happiness. For Bella it's the first time she can feel a little free, enjoy the world around her and especially the charming Nico who is actually a REAL prince from Italy. For Nico it's experiencing the sort of realness he didn't think he could ever have. His family might be royalty but they are also broke... which leaves him and his sister with the unfortunate destiny of marrying a rich spouse to make up for their parents greedy life style (actually for Valentina it's even MORE complicated). 

I enjoyed seeing Bella and Nico fall for one another little by little, though in a way it was quick and quicker. They were each other's refuge for sure. In the end I liked that both found their way to do what they truly wanted each on his own. It wasn't about Nico saving Bella or the other way around, it was both of them realizing what they want is important enough, THEY are important enough to live happily. There's always a price to pay, but sometimes it's just worth it. 

This one was just a short novella. Took me too long mostly because I didn't have any time to read! I'm still struggling with my free time which is why I'm only writing my review now. Sorry for that.. I really enjoyed this one, amidst the storm my busy life have been, a fairytale is the best way to relax. I admit it was at times a little too kitschy but it also fit with everything this short novella have been - a true fairytale. 

I LOVE Katy's Modern Fairytales. They are each so different yet they bring a realness to these fairytales I more than enjoy reading. Can't wait for the next ones!

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6-13 Dec 2017

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