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Wednesday, June 8, 2016

Dark Sexy Knight (A Modern Fairytale, #4) [Colt & Verity] by Katy Regnery

Where to start.. The whole idea behind this book was so cool! I mean, how do you re-create the Legend of Camelot if not in a theater which brings exactly that! Colt is our "dark (and sexy ;)) knight" with Verity joining as a merchant with her brother helping out in the stables. Though I have never been to this kind of theater it really made me wish I could find something like that and go see it! 

Verity and her brother Ryan are out of luck, they are without a job and soon be out of a place to stay when they accidentally run into Colt who helps them out finding jobs at "The Legend of Camelot" theater. Verity couldn't be more thankful and she is even more speechless when he offers her and her special needs brother a place to stay when she is thrown out of the model they were living in. Colt is mostly surprised with himself. He usually doesn't make those kind of sacrifices, but I think something in him recognized not only Verity's big heart but also the similarities in their lives. Both having to put the care of their family above their own. It takes time before we get exactly what Colt is committed to, but when we finally do, it was SO heart warming, Colt can be a much more than his usual scowling self, he can actually smile and be happy. In a way it's the same for Verity. She is happy when her brother Ryan is happy, he was most of her family even before her parents died. 

Colt have quite the issue to deal with in this book. I REALLY liked his character and the fact he was NOT perfect. Though he has a tender heart (which is shown well throughout the book), he also has a sort of violent disorder which makes his reactions VERY dangerous and even unpredictable. Though most of his life he managed, and though he has his way of living which helps him express his violence in an "acceptable" way, it's still there. Verity isn't afraid of him when she sees what happens to him when he is mad, she is worried FOR him, she knows that untreated this violence can cost him the things that means most to him - which almost happens when he overreacts to protect Verity and Ryan. I loved the way it was handled, not only the fact Colt used professional way, but the healing he went through and the realizations and even the growing up he had to go through. Also I loved that even though it was a sort of breaking point in Verity and Colt's relationship, Verity too handled it beautifully, she didn't cower under Colt mean words, she understood where they came from and did her best to be there for him even while he is away (not saying more not to spoiler). 

Verity and Colt's relationship was building quite fast, but I don't think it was rushed AT ALL. They spent so much time together it made sense, also what and how they were for each other right from the beginning brought sides that are mostly hidden when we just meet people, go out, or hang out. They were THERE for each other right from the beginning. Living together AND working together made the whole deal a lot more intense. Verity is really sweet. I liked her, though I thought she was too emotional for me (WAY too much crying) and I was overly annoyed with how she handled seeing Colt kissed by his ex (even though it was obvious he pushed her away instantly). It was really immature of her. I actually reduce my rating for this book for this incident as well as something else VERY irresponsible she (and Colt) did. It was obvious what the consequence would be and though it was handled really well from both their sides, I don't like this sort of "plot twist" in ANY romance novel.    

Last but not least - Ryan and Melody. I LOVED both of their characters mostly because it's something that isn't shown in a lot of romance novels. I won't say more about Melody (not to spoiler) so I'll just focus on Ryan. Though there isn't a clear diagnosis of what he "has" (due to childhood injury), Verity says he is considered "Special Needs". Ryan is a bit slow and childish in his behavior but it's obvious he is what is called "high functioning". He is dependent on his sister, but I see it more emotional than functional. I was happy to see how he got along with Joe in the stables of The Legend of Camelot (even though things weren't THAT perfect for him) and generally how much he did get even not spelled out specifically for him (again, not being specific not to spoiler :)). I volunteered for years with people with special needs. Mostly much less functioning than the ones mentioned in this book but it warmed my heart to read as side characters and not only that, to see Ryan growing and maturing throughout the book as well. The story wasn't just Colt and Verity (though they were the only POVs) story it was also Melody and Ryan's. 

I enjoyed this one, though it was quite heavy on the emotional / angsty side. I think all the ones in this series has that in common but all in all this one, as well as the others, are great reads. I love the way Katy weaves the fairy tale with our modern times, it's like reading something so familiar yet all together different and original.

One last note before I finish this review - All the novels in this series are written as fundraisers, each for a different cause. This one being for people with special needs. Which is another reason to buy and read ALL of them :)  

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 282 pages, 4-7 June 2016 / On GoodReads

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