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Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Countdown to Midnight (The Story Sisters #2.5) [Elizabeth & Merit ; Jane & Amity] by Katy Regnery

This was short and sweet, very fitting to the holiday season. When Katy announced that she is going to stop writing the Blueberry Lane Series, I was saddened. I understood why she did it, and couldn't be more respectful of her wishes, this isn't something  she does as a hobby, it's her job. So when I heard she is STILL going to release this novella to at least give as a sort of closure for Elizabeth and Jane Story I was excited. I wanted to get to know these two, as both were mentioned enough in the previous installments and yet I felt I don't know anything important about them. 

This is a short novella, so we get only a promise of a HEA and yet for me it was enough as both couples have known each other in the past. Jane was "the one that got away" from Amity Atwell. They met in college but though they enjoyed each other's company, they didn't move to the next level since Amity was still dealing with a horrible breakup. When the school year was over it turned out to be their last together and so what started as a sweet friendship ended abruptly. 

With Elizabeth and Merit Atwell (Amitay's older brother) it started on a very positive note and yet the whole beautiful memory of their time together was destroyed in a way that left Elizabeth heart broken (and Merit a bit disappointed). I won't say more, just that once the truth about the past is put on the table it makes a future truly possible for the two of them. 

But how do they all come to be at the same time and place? The two couple of siblings somehow booked the same suite for a weekend of skiing! Elizabeth and Merit start on the left foot, but as Jane and Amity realize how much they want to re-connect they decide to keep the suite for the four of them. In one weekend they both find the possibility of a HEA!

I really enjoyed this one, it was an easy fun read. I also loved that we got to know Elizabeth on the business side or rather understand exactly why she was behaving like she did the past few years after finishing her degree. Story Imports is her passion and she was willing to do everything and anything to bring it to the place she wanted it to be. But in the end, her final actions speak of her reasoning, ones that neither of her siblings knew before. 

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18-19 Dec 2017

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