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Monday, December 18, 2017

Last Call (Heartsville, #1) [Quinn, Gray & Emery] by Felice Stevens & Christina Lee

I"m not sure what exactly I was expecting but it wasn't OMG SWEETNESS! I guess Menage comes with a prejudice (though I've read a few which I really enjoyed and weren't focused on sex..). This story is all about tenderness, love and companionship, in a way everything I expect and want to read in a romance novel only not in a couple, in three beautiful, sweet guys who deserve so much more than the hands they were dealt growing up. 

Quinn Monahan and Grayson Page are best friends. They have been for years since they were teenagers, each struggling with his own issues. Gray coming from a poor dysfunctioning family and Quinn from a very privileged yet cold and uncaring family. They have been managing for a few years now their own bar called "Last Call" in the small town of Heartsville. Things are going wonderfully. They get along great, as usual, living together yet apart in the apartment above the bar, maintaining their close yet platonic relationship. 

Both Quinn and Gray have been in love with each other for most of their lives, yet neither is willing to admit the feelings are more than just friendship. It's not something they feel they can risk and so they keep their distance while staying as close as they can to one another. Standing by each other side, guarding one another from harm and building a business and a life together.

Emery Woods enters 'Last Call' on his way to no where in particular. He have been traveling in his beat up car for the last few years since the circus he have been traveling with closed for business. He didn't expect to find anything special in this small town except a bottle of beer and a few bucks from arm wrestling. But as his tires get slashed after a match gone wrong he finds himself "stuck" sleeping on the coach in the office of the bar, repairing a bit of damage from a recent storm to pay for the tires and his keep at the bar. 

Quinn has the biggest heart and so when he sees Emery's situation all he wants to do is hug him and shield him from harm. Gray is a lot more suspicious. Trust doesn't come easy for him yet even he sees the good in Emery sooner rather than later. They all share an attraction to one another (though the one between Quinn and Gray is only beneath the surface..) so Emery finds himself in a very strange position wanting both when it's obvious they both want him back. 

Emery sees the love between the two guys. He realizes that acting upon his own attraction could be a very dangerous thing, he might find himself the third wheel the minute Gray and Quinn realize they are in love with one another, yet he takes the risk. One minute he and Quinn are together and the next, Gray is more than just looking at them. From there everything change for all three men. The time they spend together makes them friends, partners almost while working at the bar but also lovers who want and need for the three of them to be together. It's true Quinn and Gray could have been a couple YEARS ago but it seems as though they needed Emery as a glue to transform them from friends to lovers. Without him it somehow doesn't really work.

The sex didn't dominate the story which I REALLY appreciated, and yet it was EXTREMELY hot! These three together - YUM! 

I could say so much more about these three, but I rather not. I feel I've said enough. I loved this story, I loved the fact that though this couldn't be mistaken for anything BUT a menage, it also felt somehow natural. I could see the connection between the characters and the fact they ALL needed to be together, it wasn't "one couple" being more, or one being the third wheel, it was exactly the sort of need we expect to see in a couple only in three. The story was truly endearing (at times at the verge of kitschy), dealing mostly with trust issues and the difficulty of building a life for three men who grew up without the stability they so needed. Together they form a family. One they SO deserved.  

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This book is already out! Go ahead and grab it through the link below. 

Note - Christina and Felice surprised us with another book! - "First Light". Though Quinn, Gray and Emery have small appearances in it, it's a true stand alone and it's so WONDERFUL you MUST read it.

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15-18 December 2017

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