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Circle (Roads #3) by Garrett Leigh

This book wasn't just Ash and Pete coming full circle, it me as well. "Slide", the first book in this series was the first I've read by Garrett. It's been 2½ years and I've completed all of her published work and became addicted on the way. Pete and Ash's story was soul crashing but it was also gentle, loving and endearing even though they are both not the romantic kind. This book brings us and them a true feeling of HEA even though they have to go through a new journey before they get there. 

SO MUCH have changed since we left Pete and Ash, and yet nothing REALLY changed. Ash still has his issues, insecurities, things that make him panic, moods and an absolute devotion to Pete. Pete still over-works himself to death as a nurse in the hospital, but though it was suppose to be better than his previous job as a paramedic it actually isn't with the shifts he keeps on working. It doesn't help that he isn't truly dealing with losing his mother a year ago. Which is why Pete and Ash's relationship is working yet it isn't working at all since Pete is clearly depressed and he is keeping Ash out of it by locking all of his emotions away. It slays Ash to see Pete like that, not knowing what to do about it. He's usually the one to deal with those emotional issues, Pete suppose to be the stronger of them.. Isn't he?

Through a few conversation between Ash and Jed (a friend of Glenn who works at the hospital with Pete), Ash realizes they need to make a change, and so somehow they find themselves on a road trip to Jed and Max's cabin - a 4 days' drive. If these names sound familiar - they should! They are the couple we've me in "Only Love" which I've read less than a month after I finished Ash and Pete's story in the beginning of 2015. Jed and Max's story was also a favorite of mine but it's been so long from the time I've read all of these that I wasn't sure how I'll reconnect with the characters but I did, very quickly so much came back to me but I admit I needed the little pieces Garrett thrown in ;)

The time the two couples spend together is meaningful to everyone of them. Though for Jed and Max I think the good company was just great fun, but for Pete and Ash it was a truly healing experience. For each on his own, and for both of them together as a couple, not to mention the 4 days drive that put them together for 24 hours times 4 in which nothing disturbed them from actually facing one another and saying the things that needed to be said a lot sooner. 

There's more family drama from both sides. Pete has a nephew to take care of, and Ash's sister is pregnant with her second baby, but all in all, this story is about THEM. It's about Pete being heart broken and sad, and Ash not really knowing how to fix him but is willing to try so he won't lose the love of his life, his heart and soul. If I had to describe this book in one word I'd probably say - sad. Because I was truly sad for so long. Pete broke my heart even before I realized what is troubling him, and Ash's frustration torn me to bits. I felt the love each felt for one another but they somehow couldn't truly bring it to the surface or rather it took time. Time together just the two of them putting life's mundane responsibilities aside and just driving away to an exhibition neither of them wants to see (though it holds Ash's work). 

I think the sadness is what's keeping me from rating this book higher. I wasn't crashed because I believed in them and knew they can fix anything with the love and devotion they had. Yet both Pete and Ash were lost in an emotional vortex they kept inside themselves. Leaving each other at an arm's length and not allowing them to bridge the gap. Once they started to talk it got better, and I really liked seeing them together with Max and Jed, starting to build a different life that feels like it can STICK and bring them a kind of peace they didn't have before. I can BELIEVE now that they're going to be great in the new place they got to at the very ending. Pete and Ash have gotten it, the place they deserved, the peace, love and comfort not only from each other, but from the family they built around them. It started with just the two of them but it ended differently. 

If you are a fan of high angst this series is a MUST READ but start at the beginning or this one won't make any sense.. Also you have GOT to read "Only Love", Jed and Max's story was utterly BEAUTIFUL.

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5-6 Sep 2017

Roads is a MM Romance series by Garrett Leigh telling us the heart breakingly beautiful love story between Pete Adams and Ash Fagin. 

The series is compiled from two parts. There are also two short novellas containing extra scenes from each of the novels, but a few years later another book was added which brings a better HEA for the couple. 
You can download those for free from the publisher's website right here - 

Ash had a rough childhood, living in several foster care houses before he ended up living on the street of Philadelphia drawing with chalk on side walks. That's where Ellie finds him. A rich girl with a heart of gold who does her best to help him build some sort of a life. After rehab and finished his studies to become a tattoo artist she brings him back with her to Chicago there she introduces him to Pete - a guy who is looking to rent his free bedroom. 

At first they barely speak to one another. Ash isn't a very communicative guy and Pete is working a lot of consuming hours as a paramedic. Yet somehow through few talks they do have something forms there. Pete holds his hand out to Ash, and surprisingly Ash accepts. From there it was a beautiful slide into an amazing love story, against all odds, or rather against Ash's horrible past who doesn't stay there and comes roaring back. 

The first book was outstanding. An amazing, angsty read. I loved it to pieces. Pete was a sweet heart and Ash, he was something else. It was impossible not to fall for the both of them. They had quite a long way to go to deal with Ash's past and present but with the faith, acceptance and strength Pete showed it's no wonder it all worked out in the end. 

It's a beautiful beautiful love story for the "wounded hero" lovers.  

1. Slide (Published 13 October 2013) ★★★★★  
1.5. Marked (Published 14 October 2013) ★★★★★ 
2. Rare (Published 17 January 2014) ★★★★
2.5. Freed (Published 17 January 2014) ★★★★★
3. Circle (Published 5 September 2017) ★★★★

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