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Sunday, March 1, 2015

Rare (Roads #2) by Garrett Leigh

This is the second and last installment in the Roads series. Well, there is still one free scene in "Freed", yet the love story and the Happily Ever After of Pete Adams and Ash Fagin is here and it couldn't be righter or sweeter. 

The first installment finished with Ash seeing his sister for the first time on the streets of Philadelphia. He didn't know that for sure back then and didn't want to believe he actually has a family member out there, but Ellie did her job well, it WAS her. But that's not the time and place they acknowledge their kinship. It happens later, and totally by mistake. I guessed who she was and how they would meet in the previous installment, I had a feeling it would be similar to the way both Pete and Ash were tormented by the same man for different reasons (I'm talking about Daryl Hunter who abused Ash as a kid and bashed Pete with a bat when he was trying to get Daryl's wife into the ambulance while on duty as a paramedic). I don't want to spoiler so I won't specifically tell you how it happens. 

It was heart crushing seeing Ash trying his best to deal with finding his sister Danni. It was obvious that he was stressed out she would be disappointed in him somehow. His insecurities might have improved from his relationship with Pete and also the extensive therapy he was going through, yet I guess objectively he isn't a regular guy, he went through some truly horrible stuff and he isn't the brightest guy out there when it comes to dealing with life. Yet all Danni wants is to get to know her brother and actually HAVE a brother. All she has at the moment is her step father whom she loves dearly but that's it... Having Ash is something she craved for the past 8 years, trying to look for him and missing him by mere months when he found himself on the streets of Philadelphia (the city she was raised in) right when she left to study in Seattle... 

This book, like the previous one, is separated into two parts. The first part starts from Ash's POV telling us of his life with Pete a year after the occurrences of the previous book and continue with Pete's POV for the rest of the part. This first part was a bit slow going in my opinion. We got too much details on Pete's work and how much it was draining him.. I would have preferred to either hear less about it or hear more about Ash and Danni and the way it all progressed which is why I'm giving this one 4 stars instead of 5. 

The second half of the book, told solely from Ash's POV was MUCH better (also much more angsty). It deals with Ash taking care of Pete (for a change..) who suffers from a bad injury. It was truly heart breaking seeing Pete from Ash's eyes and also seeing how much Pete means to him and how much he is willing to do but also how much he has changed in the last four years that made him capable of taking care of his partner. Yeah he had his weaker moments, we all do. It was truly beautiful. I even found myself in tears at a certain point with Pete REALLY making it difficult for Ash with his attitude and temper.   

The story ended in the best way possible to all sides. I really enjoyed getting to know Pete and Ash, was happy with how their lives turned out and how everything came together for (almost) all of them. It was a beautiful love story, really enjoyed our wounded hero - Ash - and the way he changed and grew.

I'm looking forward to the little glimpse in "Freed" though I got my HEA and I'm really to check out more books by Garrett.   

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 232 pages, 27-28 February 2015 / On GoodReads

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