Thursday, September 7, 2017

Sariel by Mary Calmes

I was quite surprised with the actual story Mary managed to build in only 28 pages! It has a lot of sexual interactions (considering it's length) but there is also a really nice idea behind it. Though it does contain "insta-crash/love/commitment".

When Jacob Gray is offered to go to Italy with the new company he just started to work with he is excited! But as the boss takes JUST him with a few associates on a car ride he starts to get anxious and rightly so... They are planning to rape torture and kill him.. Yet he gets offered to suffer those OR be given to "The Beast". Jacob does the "unthinkable" and decides to go with the unknown beast only to find he isn't actually a beast at all..

I won't say more not to spoiler. I will say I liked the idea behind everything that happened to Sariel and how Jacob's appearance in his life has changed everything for him. It was actually sweet and endearing. Though at the very end he claims something that I'm not sure why was even said / mentioned since it made the ending a little unclear.. 

Anyhow it was a nice very short Paranormal novella. I wish it would have been better developed. This short novella can be read for free through Mary's site (click on the blue button for the direct link)

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6 September 2017

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