Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Chevalier (Romanus #2) by Mary Calmes

I enjoyed this novella, like the first part "Romanus" [which you HAVE to read in order to understand the dynamics and basic world building] it was fast paced with a lot of things happening and a lot of information revealed about the Gargoyle species. This one starts a year after the perilous one with Mason and Luc an established couple. Mason still tries to hold Luc back, not because he doesn't want him, rather because of his past experiences with men he dated. Yet in his heart he knows that Luc is the only guy (or rather Gargoyle hehe) for him. It's admitting it, saying it out loud which terrifies him. 

Mason gets a very strange visit from the members of his family he has never met (or known about...), turns out his father is a VERY important figure in the Gargoyle world and now that he is discovered and also thought to be the "Romanus" (whatever that means..) he wants to "reconnect". He invites him to his home in France - with "No" being an unaccepted answer... Another things his father and other members of the race don't approve or appreciate is the fact such a "high class" individual like Mason dating Luc - a "low class" lion. This is something Mason is unable to accept and fights every second he can against the prejudice of dating outside of class and mostly for the right to have his mate (no matter his class) by his side. 

His father states he wants to "test" if Mason really is a "Romanus" and Mason is interested in this as well, especially if it will finally explain to him what it even means and what are his "powers" as a Romanus. What he finds isn't what he expected but it was actually who he is, or has been for all of his life. It was very moving and endearing realizing what his true significant is, and also considering the little he learns about his mother - it all makes perfect sense. 

Though I liked both Mason and Luc, and though the idea behind this 2-parts story was actually really special. My only complaint is their relationship was a bit too sticky sweet for me. It's not the OTT attraction, it's actually the sappiness of how much they love and care for one another. Maybe it's me, I'm not a very romantic person.. you might feel differently.. also I was a little puzzled of the dept of the connection Mason managed to establish with his siblings, though I'm happy for all of them :)

If you like those lovey-dovey relationships and enjoy PNR I HIGHLY recommend you give this one a go. It has a very special concept. Actually I would have really loved for a continuation of the story, SEEING Mason as the Romanus and the good he is able to bring to the world.

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