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Friday, November 3, 2017

Quiet Nights (Mangrove Stories, #2) [Kelly & Cosimo] by Mary Calmes

Another sweet and endearing story. This one, like the previous one was friends to lovers though everything else about it was different. Kelly and Coz served in the military together, after saving Coz's life, Kelly returns to the small town of Mangrove where Coz lives to make a life of his own by his best friend and his family which has become his own. 

We've met Kelly Seaton for just a minute in the previous installment, he is the new gardener in Takeo and Dwyer B&B and though Takeo and Dwyer have a small part to play in this one, you don't have to read it to enjoy this one. Kelly loves Coz but he also loves his new family - Coz' mother and bigger sister. They have become his only family and he cherishes them. Though it's obvious to him he loves Coz he can't see himself making the first move when he can lose everyone he loves if it falls apart. 

We don't get Cosimo "Coz" Renaldi's POV, but his love and devotion to Kelly is obvious. For him, Kelly walks on water. Though he made a life for himself as a police officer losing his arm affected his self worth, people see first his missing arm and only then the rest of him. With Kelly it's different, he sees ALL of Coz and doesn't care about this minor detail. It was sweet beyond words. That's what love IS. Seeing the person you love the way he is, loving him or her as a whole and accepting their "disadvantages" as a part of who they are without holding these things against them.. 

I don't want to say more because really, there is no reason to, this one is very short yet it feels, like in the previous one, we got a whole story. I really enjoyed it :) Gulped it so quickly I was surprised when I realized I'm almost at the very end. We get a hint and glimpse into the two next short novellas in the series with a meeting with two other MCs (who we met in the first installment as well). 

Easy and fun read :)

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3 Nov 2017

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