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Saturday, November 4, 2017

Easy Evenings (Mangrove Stories, #4) [Lazlo & Britton] by Mary Calmes

Yet another endearing story. I expected something else from both Lazlo and Britton though I'm not sure even what. Maybe because I didn't know what they have been through together and the depth of it before I started. 

We've met both MCs in the previous installments in the series. Lazlo Maguire is a laid back guy, well liked in the small town of Mangrove even if everyone knows that half the year he lives here selling his craft and half the year he is a high class rent-boy in the big city. Though most of no one knows his story (except for his 2 best friends) no one resents him or look down on him. Mangrove is truly his home, but up until now he had no reason to stop renting himself out. 

Now, a surprise visitor on his doorstep makes him stop. He truly has no other choice. You see, turns out he has a 3 years old daughter and once she is there to stay he knows he needs to provide a different environment, surely from the one he had back home with a mother and sister who EXPECTS him to provide for THEM through renting himself. YES, you've read right. Lazlo wouldn't have stopped for his own sake, but for little Kitty, he will. Things just needs to be settled lawfully first. 

That's where Britton Lassiter comes in.. When Lazlo and Britton had their relationship back in the city, Britton wanted Lazlo to stop but Lazlo wouldn't and he didn't explain why. He didn't want to be a "kept man" and he couldn't ask Britton to provide for not only himself but for his family as well. Britton was HURT by Lazlo so it's no wonder first thing he does after he meets Lazlo in Mangrove - his new residence as we've learned from the 2nd installment - is to file a restraining order against Lazlo. But when Lazlo needs his lawyer NOW and Britton's partner Mia Renaldi is out of town, he has no other choice but to ask Britton to help him out and when Britton learns Lazlo's REAL reasons for leaving him he is determined to get back the love of his life. 

I really enjoyed this one even if we had a little girl who did take a bit of space in the story. I would have loved for a longer story in this one simply because I enjoyed it so much. Britton and Lazlo's story is special and unique and I would have loved exploring the beginning of their relationship more though we did get a feeling of a whole story. It wasn't a "friends to lovers" like the previous ones and in a way it was because the trust Britton and Lazlo shared from the start made it possible for them to have something so very different than either of them expected. 

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4 Nov 2017

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