Monday, January 3, 2022

Must Be Santa (Better Not Pout, #1.5) by Annabeth Albert

A sweet Christmas treat. A bit like the full novel - "Better Not Pout"- was for me (even if I don't celebrate this holiday). Nick Nowicki and Teddy MacNally are a formed couple now. Happily married living their best life. When Teddy catches Nick looking at their spare bedroom saying "Maybe", things starts to change. From thinking about extending their family, to actually doing something about it. 

The possibility presents itself sooner than they expected and not exactly AS they expected it to be but it's here and they are needed so even with Nick's reluctance (mostly worries) they jump right into it.

I enjoyed revisiting this couple and seeing how well they work together. With how different they are, they know how to use each other's strengths and lean on one another when they need it. It was heartfelt seeing them connect with a new family member, making them their own. It would take time and it was beautiful seeing how they both realized that and didn't expect miracles. 

Usually I'm not that into these kinds of closures (either in a novella or just an epilogue) meaning either kids or a big wedding or something like that. For me it's enough the promise of a HEA, trusting the couple went through enough to endure the long run. But with these two and how the short story was portrayed it was an easy comfort read, in a way exactly what I needed (as I'm still reading from my phone and find it hard to concentrate for long periods of time). 

Sweet and endearing and also FREE! I more than suggest you read the full novel first. 

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