Sunday, May 9, 2021

Better For You (Harrison Campus #3.5) [Charlie & Evan] by Anyta Sunday & Andy Gallo

Like the previous ones, this was a sweet heartfelt story of two guys coming from very different backgrounds yet having so much in common. Both being shy and a bit insecure not being sure the other was interested but when the two of them were left all along in the dorms on Christmas break it was just the time for finding courage to go after what they wanted. 

The story is told from both guys so it's easy to see how much this new relationship was affecting them. Evan Tergen might be very wealthy but it's exactly why he feels insecure about guys, thinking they are just into his family's wealth. It doesn't help that people perceive him as being stupid because of his learning disabilities. Charlie O’Leary is on a scholarship, while he was interested in Evan before he thought someone like him would never even look at someone from such a different background as well as a geek (and not sporty like Evan). 

Yet what the two found in each other - compassion, understanding and acceptance - together with a not such a small amount of attraction was making the few days they spent together all on their own  truly special. When their time is up each wants to make a gesture but it doesn't exactly turn as they expected. 

I enjoyed this one, it was an easy fun (and steamy!) read but I was a bit frustrated with the "conflict". I mean, it WAS obvious it was going there, but it was played a bit "OTT" from both sides. If you haven't read the previous ones in the series (there is NO connection between this one and any of them) you should give them a try they are adorable as well. 

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8-9 May 2021
Harrison Campus is a New Adult series by Anyta Sunday and Andy Gallo. It contains 3 books and one novella, all revolving college life and finding true love against the odds. All novels are EXTREMELY endearing and sweet, with the most delicious slow burn.

1. Better Be Sure [Jackson Murphy & Edward "Ed" Knowles] (Published 1 June 2020) ★★★★
2. Better Have Heart [Darren Gage & Isaiah Nettles] (Published 1 July 2020) ★★★★★
3. Better Be True [Nico Giacomo Amato & Lucas "Luke" DeRosa] (Published 3 August 2020) ★★★★★
3.5 Better For You [Evan Tergen & Charlie O’Leary] (published 1 March 2021) ★★★★ 

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