Sunday, May 16, 2021

Salem's Wish by Charlie Cochet

This novella was simply ADORABLE and SO funny! I don't even know what took me so long to get into it! It was originally published in the "Heart2Heart Vol. 4" Anthology - which is no longer available - lucky for us Charlie has made it a free read through Prolific Works (link bellow). While this is quite short the connection, affection as well as love between Salem and Izzie was obvious in everything they did and said to one another they just needed a reason, a push, or maybe just a hopeful wish..

Salem Havercroft is the younger member of the  most powerful mage family in Florida. Though he is clearly loved by all his family members he can't shake the feeling they basically pity him for being so, well, unlike them, you could say powerless. Well he DOES have one magical power - if you've read the synopsis you might guess (if not, read it and ROFL!) but he can't see how this silly ability can help him in any shape of form... 

Izzie is a dog shifter, his brother's best friend as well as one of his father's trusted bodyguards. All of which make him the LAST one to lust over and from Izzie's POV also a VERY bad idea. But it's obvious they feel for one another and hope for something more especially today, on their way to one of Salem's family reunions. 

Things doesn't exactly go according to plan not with what happens between Salem and Izzie as well as a few unexpected guests. I think the more obvious result is Salem and Izzie realizing what they feel for each other is real and mutual but what happens next was even more surprising to both of them. 

It was a sweet heartfelt and mostly HILLARIOUS story (and that's besides Izzie being a mix of Great Dane and Deerhound Shifter which hit close to home hehe). I REALLY enjoyed it. I say go ahead and grab it!

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16 May 2021

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