Friday, October 9, 2020

Dark Around the Edges (Cambion #1-6) by Cari Z.

This book was unavailable for a while now but it was suddenly "revived" so while I was a bit worried it's going to be more on the erotica side (which I haven't been interested in reading lately) I was happily surprised this was a sweet romantic read with a lot of intriguing suspense and action. Our MCs worked great together even though they seem like total opposites (and in a way they are..) but it also what made their relationship so special. 

Devon Harper and Rio Pagani both work for Safeguard Systems. It's a security company though they also deal with discarding demons and the cult they create around them. This time Devon is after Porter Grey a very powerful demon summoner whom the company have been hunting for years. He's finally in the US and it's time to get him. When his plans don't exactly go according to plan and his cover or rather his identity as half human-half incubus is revealed he is rescued by his favorite Safeguard's employee - Rio. Once together - they stay together and do their best to track and capture Porter who seem to be one step ahead of them. 

Devon and Rio have known each other for a few years now and though they worked together on a few jobs and slept together - which isn't that surprising considering Devon's nature and his need for sexual interaction to use his powers - being together as a couple has never been on the table. Rio is immune to Devon's alluring powers which surprises Devon and while he enjoys seeing Rio acts from a REAL interest in him it's also a bit confusing as he isn't sure what he is seeing in him. Rio cares for Devon, it might not really be in his nature but with his care for his dog Maggie he isn't the soloist he presents himself to be. It's obvious from the beginning these two care about each other but the time spent together, especially when Devon's abilities are compromised, gives them an opportunity to build something new and special between them. It was simple and easy. warm and sexy as it was sweet and endearing. 

The synopsis is quite revealing in this one. I say if you want to truly be on your toes skip it all together. What I've said here should be enough. There is also a mystery concerning who or rather WHAT Rio is. Everyone sort of guesses he's not human but (almost) no one has been around long enough to have actually MET someone like him. He has his reasons - good ones - to keep his identity hidden but when Devon's life is on the line he unleashed his power and fights for the man he has come to love. 

While reading of Devon's dads they felt familiar so I stopped reading to find if I've already met them before and realized they actually DO have their own short novella "In All Your Ways". If you haven't read it I recommend you do. It's a bit of a spoiler to know who and what they are but I don't think it truly spoilers anything in the story itself.

I love the diversity in Cari's books. I never know what to expect and where her world building is going to take me each time. This was a wonderful read so I'm really happy Cari brought it back and allowed me to enjoy it.

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5-8 October 2020


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