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Saturday, August 4, 2018

A Fool and His Manny (The Mannies #4) [Quinlan & Dustin] by Amy Lane

WOW, this book was simply AMAZING, but it was also heart breaking. I had to hold my hand to my chest to keep my heart either in place or intact.. Quin and Dustin broke my heart time and time again, mostly Quin. Sad, lonely, quiet Quinlan who is all alone in the world even when he is surrounded by the family he wished was his (and little by little BECAME his).

The Robbins-Graysons have A LOT of kids, 6 to be exact. we've met all of them before in the previous installments. Truth being said, I'm not a fan of kids in books but it this series it somehow works though I feel like if I was actually THERE I would get dizzy in one second and just collapse. I think that's what Quinlan Gregory thought when he saw the lot of them at a family wedding he was invited to by his friend Sammy. Sammy thought maybe Quin would consider being the manny now that the "old one" is getting married.. At first Quin was terrified, but somehow he thought staying so close to Sammy, one of the few people in his life, would be a good idea so he stays though he keeps mostly to himself and doesn't truly "mingle" with the family. He doesn't feel like he has a place in one. It didn't work with HIS family, so he won't even think of taking this one for his own, though in his heart it's all he can wish for.

As the years go by, Quin DOES become, little by little, a part of the family and he is content at that. Not looking for anything more. He doesn't need a partner or anyone really as long as he is a part of the Robbins-Grayson clan (including Sammy with his half-siblings). Yet as Dustin Robbins-Grayson, the older of the kids, looks, truly looks at the family photos he sees that though everyone considers Quin family, he always stand to the side and Dustin can't have it anymore. He isn't 14 years old. He is 18 now, and as 3 more years pass, he realizes NOW is the time to CLAIM his Quin, the one he has been longing for ever since he realized just HOW important Quin is to him, and not just as a role model, but also as a friend, a confidant, and hopefully one day his lover.

The story begins with Quin coming home sick after his regular summer tour with his two musician friends. He is surprised to find Dustin at his apartment but first things first - getting better. Dustin makes it his utmost priority as well as the rest of the family and Quin is in tears every time he sees their tender caring behavior towards him. His family has abandoned him with no second thoughts. This one is making him feel so welcome in a way his heart can barely stand.

Then we go back a little bit in time and SEE for ourselves how Quin integrated himself into the family. He is SUCH a precious person and after learning about his past, and seeing him through Dustin's eyes I was too left in tears.

When we near the end of our "tour-de-past" and get back right before Quin gets to his tour we see Dustin getting in Quin's face and saying in the clearest way possible - You are mine. MINE. Quin doesn't know how to react but wanting Dustin and everything he has to offer him - unconditional love - slowly breaks his walls down and soon without Quin knowing how it happened (yeah he was sick in the beginning..) they become a real couple. Inseparable. That's when Quin needs to deal with his past. Lucky him, now, unlike when he left all those years ago, he is surrounded by a new loving family who is NOT going to give him up or let anything happen to him.

I can write for HOURS about this book. It was SO SO SO beautiful. I HIGHLY recommend it. "Sadly" I can't truly recommend it on it's own because with the amount of characters you'd simply get lost.. So do yourselves a favor and start with the first in the series and enjoy your way up to the very last (for now) which is also, in my opinion, the very best.

HIGHLY recommended!

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4 August 2018

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