Friday, August 17, 2018

Wait for It by Mariana Zapata

Diana and Dallas's story was beautiful. It wasn't my usual read but maybe because of that I appreciate it even more. Mostly because this is not only their story but also the story of the little family Diana has formed with her two nephews now under her guardianship ever since her brother died.

Diana had to grow up fast when she became the guardian of Josh and Louie. She had changed her life and made a home for the two young kids, putting their needs first. Her mother might think she isn't the best option but she must have realized Diana is the best available option. Lucky for her she does have help from both the kids' grandparents or otherwise she wouldn’t be able to truly make it on her own. Yet its still difficult. She isn't sure what she is doing is the right thing half of the time but what she does know makes her in my eyes the best kind of mother – one who first loves and believes in her little guys.

Finally two years after taking them they move together to a real house in a small town where her hair dresser buddy has a business. Their move works out quite well, until 5 years old Louie hears a commotion outside and that’s how she meets Jackson and his brother Dallas. Its not the best start for sure! I don’t thing neither of them had a good impression of one another but as the weeks go by, Diana and the kids find their routine and the brothers from across the street are almost forgotten, yet when they become 11 years old Josh's baseball coaches Diana finds Dallas can't stand her and acts like a total jerk.

It takes them time to work it out between them. I loved seeing them get closer. Once the cards were on the table Diana and Dallas becomes friends and since as with all of Mariana's books we only get Diana's voice we could see how she was falling for him little by little and through his actions its obvious he is even more far gone than she is, yet as Dallas hints throughout the book multiple times he is a married man. Even if he can't stand his wife and hasn’t seen her for more than a year, before she pops out in front of his house, they have nothing in common and neither want a relationship together. But before Dallas can move on some things needs to be closed.

With the length of this book as well as knowing Mariana from past novels I knew this is going to be a slow burn. VERY slow burn but I was okay with It because I enjoyed every bit of the ride. I felt a part of this family, of Diana's decisions. She isn't perfect and though she is tough as nails she can be broken easily when pressed on her vulnerable spots, and being a mother of two when you are less than 30 and still struggling with your own demons isn't easy. Yet with the people she finds herself surrounded by it gets easier somehow. I was VERY mad at her mother most of the book. She felt ungenuine in her behavior. She loves her daughter and grandchildren in her own way for sure, but for me her behavior is NOT love. It might be commitment and behaving 'as you should' but I don’t think she TRULY loves her daughter not like her daughter loves her nephews. I also don’t think Diana loves her mother. She might be used to her but she is mostly scared of her and her reactions to everything. I think she is a real bad influence on her daughter.. I would have loved to see SOMETHING change there..

The boys' story is a bit more complicated than seen at first. There are a few unresolved issues to be talked about and it takes time till we understand all of it. There was one issue that was actually left a bit unresolved and I'm not sure what I feel about that.. But I guess with Diana in the picture, and little by little Dallas, it really doesn’t matter. Turning the pages we see how this family of 3 turns into a family of 4 with Dallas being a great fatherly figure for the boys and for awhile just a good friend to Diana, the one she needs even more than "just" a lover.

I could say so much about this book. It was a long ride into a beautiful forming couple AND a family. Though I wasn’t sure about Dallas' at the beginning, took me no time to warm up to him once I realized his reasons. He is firstly an honorable guy and it shows in everything he does. Diana is a wonderful person. I loved how she raised her little boys. With all her insecurities she was everything they needed. No one is perfect. But we also don’t need prefect.

As always a great read by Marina. I Know it's going to have a special place in my heart and not only because I read half of on my vocation in the beautiful Holland (while in the World Dog Show). 

The first book I've read by Mariana was "The Wall of Winnipeg and Me". I LOVED it so it's no wonder I decided to start from the beginning and go through all of her books. I"m a bit over half way through now :) Unlike the previous ones we got in this one a TREAT! A little dot from the MCs of both "The Wall of Winnipeg and Me" AND "Kulti". I loved the way the connection was made with the family connection between Sal and Diana and well it's been a while since I've read "The Wall of Winnipeg and Me" so I actually forgot our Diana had a big role in it as Van's best friend. I think getting the audio book is going to be a MUST because re-reading ANYTHING is highly unrealistic for me.. but I DO miss Van and Aiden.

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