Thursday, May 31, 2018

In the Right Light by G.B. Gordon

Truthfully I just didn't connect with this one. It was too short to be realistic romantic wise, at least for me. it felt too fast and the "relationship buildup" felt more like an infatuation.

Danny Holt and James Carver find themselves working at the same project from different ends. James a landscaper, and Danny working artistic lights in a big estate. Though it's what Danny usually does with his artistic talent, James works with his older brother and father who mostly put him off and so their usual clients are more "mediocre", this is a big chance for them yet if they keep their attitude it's not just they won't get better jobs, James would leave as well. He had enough of his father and how badly he treats him... James has his dreams but he doesn't feel he'll be able to pursue any of them with his father managing the business..

Thrown into the mix of emotions James finds himself a bit more than just casually interested in Danny, but Danny doesn't do casual at all, and for James casual is all he knows.. He'll need to step up his game..

This short novella is a free read from the "Love Has No Boundaries" project of the M/M Romance Group. Grab it through the blue button bellow.

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31 May 2018


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