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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Stand by Your Manny (The Mannies #3) [Sammy & Cooper] by Amy Lane

It's been a while since I've read the first book in the series of Tino and Channing and I truly missed them. To get them as the PARENTS was actually great. It was obvious they are an established couple and though they might have their diffrences, I enjoyed seeing these as well. But this story isn't about them, it's about Sammy - Channing's nephew, the one he found himself taking care of when Sammy's mother died 15 years ago.

Sammy Lowell grew up to be a sweet and endearing guy. He LOVES his big family, even if most of them aren't related by blood (or at all) to him.. But never mind, for him it's the opportunity of spending time with so many people he cares about. Channing and Tino truly raised a kid with a heart of gold. Though he isn't a kid anymore.. he is 21 years old and a VERY talented musician looking to explore his abilities as a teacher but also as a performer.

Cooper Hoskins had a very difficult upbringing. His mother left him when he was little, leaving him to be raised in the system. It wasn't horrible yet it wasn't a good experience either.. and so when Felicity, a sweet little girl he grew up with, abandons her foster home to live with him he agrees even if he knows that taking care of her is more than just illegal it's also going to be VERY difficult when he doesn't have an occupation and certainly no education. Yet he and Felicity find a way to work. She loves him dearly and he would do anything for her.

Things get complicated when Cooper have an accident on a construction site where he works. His boss - Brandon (the same Brandon from the 2nd installment in the series) offers to help though he doesn't know just HOW MUCH help Cooper needs.. But when he realizes they're a need for a manny - he knows where to go..

Channing and Tino actually need their own manny at the moment.. Not for Sammy.. but because Sammy will start working in two weeks which means he won't be able to help with their two adopted kids. Giving Cooper and Felicity a place to stay sounds like the best thing, for the first two weeks of Cooper's recovery he can stay and be taken care of by Sammy (who will take care of the kids as well), and then a reverse change of roles - Sammy will go to work as a piano teacher and Cooper will take care of the kids. Perfect plan! Which actually STAYS perfect.

One thing no one expected and that for Cooper and Sammy to fall in love.. It was sweet and naive, both never actually had a real relationship before. Cooper was afraid of admitting/showing he is gay when his place was so unstable in the foster homes he lived and with Sammy it's different.. He is suffering from a very severe anemia which isn't managed very well by him. He needs his constant reminders from both his parents and even that doesn't help. I guess being 21 years old is being an adult while not REALLY being one. I was annoyed by him at times for his reckless behavior but at the same time I could GET why he wasn't taking full responsibility for his situation. Cooper was beside himself with worry which was sweet. It was also a kind of reminder of how Tino and Channing grew together in the first installment which I found so endearing as well.

Sammy and Cooper's story was sweet. At times TOO sweet. It's more an New Adult novel I guees. Both MCs needing to find who they are and what are their plans for the future or even a more basic questions of who they can and should trust and what do they need - each other - that's for sure. But also how important it is to have a loving family who cares for you, when you are sick but even when you are at your best.

We got a bit of Sammy preforming, where he should and were he shouldn't and even though it was what he wished for the most in the world he had to learn the hard way how much he needs to take care of himself for that to work, and actually even at his best it might not truly be recommended.. But he DID find a friend, someone I already know is going to be one of the MCs in the next installment which will be out in a little bit :)

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28-29 May 2018

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