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Loving Irish (The Summerhaven Trio #3) [Ian & Hallie] by Katy Regnery

Though both Ian and Hallie went through hellish 10 years I'd still call this book sweet and endearing. I don't think anything could have been done differently by both Ian and Hallie so maybe that's what life (or rather Katy ;)) was meant to show them or make them appreciate what they can find in each other even more.

The senior year Halcyon "Hallie" Gilbert came to the Summerhaven resort she was different, took her a bit but she was finally maturing and though Ian thought she was cute (as a friend) before, when he saw her NOW his feelings quickly changed. So they spent the summer together, even though Ian Haven, as one of the triplets of the owner of the summer camp, wasn't allowed to have ANY relationship with the guests.. Rules needs to be broken, right? and anyhow who can resist the beautiful and sweet Hallie?

When the summer almost comes to an end, one evening leaves the two of them broken, never to see each other again until ten years later Hallie's best friend Britt Manion gets married to no other than Rory Haven and naturally at the Summerhaven camp.

Hallie has just finalized her divorce from the father of her little girl and with the amount of debt left her with, she basically have no money to even rent someplace for the both of them. Remembering the small cabin her family owns near the Summerhaven resort she plans on fixing it a bit so she can have a rent free home and a place where they can both start a new. But finding the place is almost RUINED by neglect and the winter storms and no money to pay what she should, she finds herself accepting the help of Ian even though she has no other feelings for him but hatred, fury and betrayal (well, at least the two last ones are totally true.. ;))

As we've read in the previous installments, Ian has his own problems to deal with, mostly his alcohol addiction. But the last few months he have been adamant he is going to start a new chapter in the book of his life. He has been 6 months sober and he intends to stay this way! But AA asks him for more than JUST staying sober.. he needs to make amends which means - to Hallie especially. It's the most easy natural thing for him - helping Hallie, being there for her and her little girl, but it's also EXTREMELY difficult to see the resentment in her eyes and how she tries her best to ignore him. He gets it, he totally does but in his heart he wishes it was different. 10 years might have past from that horrible night, but his heart STILL belongs to Hallie.

Hallie needed the time, to both SEE how much Ian have changed as well as to heal a little from the past hellish months. Her relationship with her daughter was hit hard from the divorce and the fact she couldn't see her father anymore (who ran back to Brazil..) and Ian was a GREAT influence on her as well. But once the truth is out, Hallie realizes they might have lost 10 years but luckily they haven't lost each other, not if they decide to give each other a much needed second chance.

I LOVED this book and so I'm really glad we'll get another in the series. Finian, the Havens' cousin from Ireland has already made his appearance as well as Tate (a good friend of both Britt and Hallie) and I can't wait for their story but also another glimpse into the three couples Katy brought together in this series. I'm sorry Ian, but your sister Tier is my favorite ;) but it doesn't change how much I enjoyed reading this book. I delved into it and didn't want it to end though I DID want my HEA hehe I think this series should be read by order, though nothing WILL happen if you don't.. Yep, highly recommended :)

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This book is out on June 11th and can already by be pre-ordered through the links bellow. 

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1-2 June 2018

The Summerhaven Trio is a Contemporary Romance (MF) series by Katy Regnery. It tells the romantic tale of the triplet - Rory, Ian and Tierney Haven. The three grew up in the exclusive Summerhaven camp (now turned into a convention center). Though they are united as siblings and a part of a triplet they are still single and looking to the love of their lives. 

Before the series was said and done, Katy surprised us with a final short novella of Finian - The triplet's cousin not only coming to Rory's wedding, but also finding his HEA as well. As was the previous ones - it was also a treat. 

All books in this series were sweet and endearing but it doesn't mean we they don't deal with real life issues which was heart breaking and great at the same time ;) I think the second was my favorite maybe because identifying with Tierney was too easy for me :)

1. Fighting Irish [Rory Haven & Brittany "Britt" Manion(Published 26 February 2018)
2. Smiling Irish [Tierney Haven & Burr O’Leary] (Published 3 April 2018)
3. Loving Irish [Ian Haven & Halcyon "Hallie" Gilbert] (Published 26 June 2018)
4. Catching Irish [Finian Kelley & Tate Jennings] (Published 20 August 2018) ★½

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