Thursday, April 19, 2018

Regret Me Not by Amy Lane

Beautiful, sweet, endearing. LOVED IT! It was tender as it was heart breaking and I have a feeling if we got Hal's POV and not only Pierce's it would have been heart wrecking! so maybe Amy did us a favor focusing on Pierce. I loved everything about this book, it felt a whole story even though it was quite short and though Pierce and Hal MIGHT be considered too different to form something real together - they proved it - it's not about age, it's not about status, it's not about occupation or even where you live - it's about companionship, compassion, acceptance, tenderness, trust. THESE things are what makes a couple PERFECT together. These two have it all.  

Pierce Atwater is at the lowest he's EVER been. Unemployed and o his way to divorce is really the icing on the cake.. He is also recovering from a car accident which left him shattered outside needing A LOT of time for recovering. In pain, grumpy and depressed he spend his time in his sister's house until he realizes his mean behavior shouldn't be directed toward the one person he loves and appreciated best in his life. Packing his stuff he decides to spend the month before Christmas in a friend's apartment in Florida. The best thing about said apartment is the pool allowing him the physiotherapy he needs on his long way to recovery.

Harold Justice Lombard the 5th, or in short - Hal is depressed. His family ditched him for the holidays AGAIN, and after a night drinking and vandalizing their summer apartment he sets up to sit by the pool still hungover when he sees Pierce working out in the pool. Not being able to ignore the guy, even if he is older than him in more than 10 years, he starts bossing him around, using his own knowledge on physiotherapy.

Pierce really doesn't know from where exactly Hal fell on him, but it turns out to be the best thing to happen to him. Hal's enthusiasm does more than just stretch his muscles in a more effective way it also offers him a friendship he couldn't believe he'll form, not in his grumpy state and not in the month off before he returns back to his life in Sacramento.

In the month Pierce and Hal spend together, they quickly become friends, dare I say best friends. Spending hours together, working out Pierce's stiff body, going shopping and simply enjoying each other's company. It doesn't take long for the attraction to surface but they are both a bit weary of its consequences, each for his own reasons. But they keep clinging to one another, trying to make the best they can of the time they DO have together before Pierce needs to return to his life far away from Hal.

Yet what Pierce and Hal have to offer to each other, in friendship as well as in love and companionship is not something to leave behind. They need to find a way to put the heavy stuff on the table and TALK about forever together before their time is up.

I have nothing to add really except - A MUST READ. I loved it to pieces. I was heart broken for both of them, for Hal's family situation which doesn't allow him to be who he wants to be and study what his heart desires, for Pierce's life situation to what he had to go through, for his lost self esteem with his current physical disability. Yet together they can make everything work. The easy companionship between these two was a soothing balm to the soul. READ IT!

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16-19 April 2018

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