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Tangled (Tangled #1) by Emma Chase

Brilliant! Though the beginning was really witty I wasn't actually sure I'll survive finishing it. That is because, Drew, the main Hero and the only POV is kinda dick.. the kind that uses woman for sex and nothing more, the too-self assured and rich as hell you wanna drop a bucket of water over his head mostly because it's the best way to see him drippin' wet.. But once you give this one a go, once you REALLY get going, you can't put it down and I can't even count how many LOL and ROFL moments I had. I'm sure my neighbors had a "run for their money" with my laughing so hard after their kiddies suppose to be asleep. Mind you, I was trying to sleep this morning unsuccessfully while the kiddies WERE awake and VERY playful so I say we're even. At least for today.. 

Where was I? oh, right, Drew is a dick. Sure, but as we meet him he is in his lowest falling apart since Kate - the love of his life as it seems - chose Billy Boy her stupid fiance over him. Can you friggin' believe that? Actually you can, and you will, sort of, once you hear the whole tale from his point of view which is downright hilarious. I've read my share of guys in novels before but NO ONE is anything like Drew. I have to hand it to Emma, she did an AMAZING job writing Drew even if I haven't a clue if a guy REALLY thinks this way or not. Though it DOES sounds the part :D

Drew is a partner in an Investment Banking company his father and two friends founded but now it's managed mostly by their 3 sons (Drew and his two close friends one of them married to his sister Alexandra). His father brings in a new promising worker - Kate - who also happens to be the woman who turned Drew down two days ago at a club. Not very professional of Drew and unlike his regular strict work rules he STILL tries to seduce her yet things don't actually works as he plans when his father teams them up together but not as partners - as adversaries. Here they both show a lot of zeal but mostly childish behavior I was laughing off though I thought was a bit stupid. 

After their time working against one another and with one another they both start to realize there's MAJOR attraction between the two of them but acting on it for Kate isn't really possible because of her childhood sweetheart aka her fiance. When they finally break up and NOT because of him Kate and Drew have one weekend together leaving Drew with the shocking realization he LOVES her and not just because he is attracted to her, because he loves WHO she is and how much they are perfect for one another. Too bad he fucks it up royally and to fix it he would do right about ANYTHING and EVERYTHING (I was laughing SO HARD at his attempts!)

Kate was awesome. She is a strong independent woman who has worked hard to get where she is now. The reason Drew loves her isn't because she is a beauty to behold but because she is witty and a real match for him when it comes to work. I could really see how they could work as a couple with the respect he has for her and her achievements. There's a sweet scene where she tells him of all the times her fiance was "there for her" during all the major points in her life and he was thinking that Billy was a wallpaper, he might have been THERE while she was achieving those goals but she did them all BY HERSELF. I think it's something to think about outside of the novel. How many times we think someone was "there for us" and we couldn't have done it without them, why not give credit to ourselves that WE did that. Yeah, with support but it's OUR achievement. 

If it wasn't obvious I'll say it plainly - though Drew started off as a real ass, he turns out to be a great guy. Childish at times, and competitive as hell. But all in all I get his charm and I loved seeing how much he changes throughout this book. 

I really enjoyed the side characters. His 2 best friends Steven and Matthew, Dee Dee Warren - Kate's best friend, his sister Alexandra ("The Bitch") who was just AWESOME as well. Another very strong independent woman. I even REALLY loved his niece Mackenzie which is a MAJOR surprise since I normally dislike kids in romance novels (and mostly in real live) buy she was just a TREASURE in her own way and she had a point in this story, she wasn't just a background noise. I thought about adding quotes, especially ones with the little niece but it's hard to get them without all the context and knowing Drew and his twisted sense of humor. So you'll just have to take my word for it and read it all yourselves :) 

Today I have a "day off" it's actually a holiday here but it's not one I've ever really celebrated... my dietitian is a very religious woman and she asked me that if I'm not celebrating the holiday I should at least "be happy" this week because that's what this holiday is about. I said - "sure! why not!" and you know what? this book was a JOY to read. I laughed and smiled and just enjoyed myself so much even though I actually did absolutely NOTHING else all day. So come to think about it, maybe this year I DID celebrate the holiday my own way :)

Highly Recommended! 
I'll be continuing with the series ASAP

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 254 pages, 9 October 2014 / On GoodReads
Tangled is a Contemporary Romance Series by Emma Chase which centers on Andrew (Drew) Evans and Katherine (Kate) Brooks though there is one book in the series portraying Kate's best friend Dee coupling with Drew's best friend Matthew (#3, "Tamed"). 

Both Drew and Kate are into Investment Banking. Drew being a partner in his father's company and Kate coming to work there as well. Drew was always a "ladies men" or maybe I should just call him the way we see it - he's a slut. He doesn't sleep with the same woman twice, he doesn't bring them home, he doesn't coddle them. Then comes Kate.. who is first an attraction, then an obsession not only physically also mentally as they compete for a client. The attraction wins out somewhere along the line but then with appreciation and friendship they build a relationship. 

These books are so FUNNY and enjoyable to read! 
When I started "Tangled" I was a bit worried I won't get Drew who is basically a douche! and when he is not, he can be SO childish. Yet somewhere he grew on me and I realized I was just sucked into the story and couldn't and wouldn't put it down. I really liked the fact we have only a guy's POV - so refreshing! Emma writes men EXTREMELY well. 

The second book "Twisted" and the forth book "Tied" continue telling us of Drew and Kate but I didn't really like those. I feel like there is no real "need" for them relationship-wise and I also didn't like the plot line (can't say more without a MAJOR spoiler..). 

Can't say I totally recommend this series, I DO recommend both "Tangled" and "Tamed" (HEA of Matthew and Dee) but not the other two books in the series or the short novella (the "extra scenes" are actually short and cute and I do recommend those for the fun of it). I also don't think there is a need plot-wise to read the books I'm not recommending since both those books feels closed in their ending. Naturally more can happen but there are no loose ends you might be worried about / interested in. 

1. Tangled [Drew & Kate] (published 20 May 2013) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
1.1 Tangled Extra Scenes [Drew & Kate] (published 29 May 2013) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
1.5 Holy Frigging Matrimony [Drew & Kate] (published 2 December 2013) ★ ★ ★ ½
2. Twisted [Drew & Kate] (published 25 March 2014) ★ ★
3. Tamed [Matthew & Dee Dee] (published 15 July 2014) ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
4. Tied [Drew & Kate] (published 7 October 2014) ★ (DNF 31%)

[ Note - Bold/Purple refers to the POV ]

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