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Friday, October 10, 2014

Tangled Extra Scenes (Tangled #1.1) by Emma Chase

Here we have a few extra scenes which mostly take place after the ending of Tangled and give us a feeling of their relationship.

The Honeymoon's Over
A scene from Drew's POV which is HILARIOUS! Basically it's their first fight and while it was the most "regular" fight couples might have hearing it from a guy's POV made it a LOL scene. If you've read my review of "Tangled" it's funny I wrote something in it that actually happened in this short scene.

The Bitch Strikes Back
This scene is from Kate's POV and was also really funny. They are having Mackenzie (Drew's niece) over for the weekend and we get to see what Alexandra (Drew's sister) dished for him for buying the pony for his niece :)

These two can be found in Emma's blog - RIGHT HERE.

There are also three more scenes that were published in other blogs.

With Love from Drew and Kate (Click HERE
A valentine's story told from both Kate and Drew's POV. Really enjoyed this one. Drew naturally won't celebrate Valentine's day but what if Kate secretly wants him to?

Extra Drew Evans (Click HERE)
This one is actually a delete scene from "Tangled" on the weekend Kate and Drew spend together. It's a short hot sexy scene from Drew's POV

What a Difference a Year Makes (Click HERE)
This is from Drew's POV how they celebrate their aniversary. It's steamy and sexy, a bit naughty but sweet at the end. 

Enjoy! I know I did :)

Additional Details: Online Free Read 50 pages, 9 October 2014 / On GoodReads

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