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Promise Me This (Between Breaths #4) [Nate & Jessie] by Christina Lee

As with the previous ones, I could have given this one a 5 star rating before opening and reading the first sentence. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this book which just shows just how amazing Christina is with bringing one great story after the other and as with the previous ones I couldn't put it down. Started late yesterday read until I couldn't hold my eyes open, slept a few hours, woke up to read a bit more, fell asleep again, woken up in the morning to finish reading it. WHAT A RIDE! 

I loved both Jessie and Nate. While Nate have been the one to struggle the most in this  book Jessie's character was just a JOY to read. She is so in-tune with herself and the people around her. It's amazing how quickly she came to know and understand Nate both in the things he said and mostly about the things he DIDN'T say. She is such an inspiring character in the sense she is really, firstly, a friend to Nate even when she is struggling with her attraction to him. I guess most of us would say "screw that guy!" and won't stand by him when it's possible that one night is all he has to offer. But Jessie really sees him, sees how hard it is for him and really wants to help him out. Also I loved how confident she is of herself and her abilities (concerning photography, I really wish I could have seen in real life the work she presented in the last chapters of the book) I feel like I would be floored by them. 

Also while I'm an "extrovert" person myself, LOVE tattoos (have a few) unlike Jessie I guess I never really "looked the part". I do have the "different than most" vibe about me I just mostly look like the girl next door. I"m not sure if it's because I don't REALLY want to feel the disapproval from the people around me or that I think it would just be tedious to maintain (coloring my hair in one color every month drains me). But whenever I'm in a proximity with someone who actually "does that" live that freely I feel somewhat envious. I wish I would have been THAT care free and sure of myself to KNOW that coloring my hair blue and pink won't affect the way people see me mostly in how serious they take me. But also Jessie is in her early 20s while I'm 10 years older.. I guess some things are more appropriate and accepted at certain ages. 

When we first meet Nate in "All of You" he is, well, a jerk.. It's strange thinking of a guy like Bennett having a friend like him. But knowing him in this book, even if he didn't really confide in Bennett it's quite obvious he is A LOT more than the guy who screws anyone with a skirt and naturally never calls after.. In this book we pretty early on realize it's more about him keeping his distance to protect any woman who gets close to him than him being a real jerk. He grew up with an aggressive father who beat him and his brother but mostly his mother and while he was always protective of his mother, she isn't ready to leave his father for her own reasons. It was real heart breaking reading Nate's POV with how much he doesn't want to become his father, how much he struggles with himself, how much he cares about his mother yet can't change the situation she is in. There's also a side note of his brother and how growing up in this dysfunctional family affected HIM. 

After a short weekend Jessie and Nate spend together as a part of a college project Jessie is working on, the easy going friendship between them become much more. Suddenly there is an attraction that wasn't really there before and mostly a tenderness from both sides, getting to know each other. After that weekend they are both "screwed" because what was done cannot be undone - they both want each other and can't REALLY settle with returning to being "casual friends" as they used to be before. It was beautiful seeing the effect Jessie has on Nate and how much she helps him out dealing with his darker sides but also as it affects his family after things starts to get out and out of hand. 

Beautifully written, great characters and just a fluent joyful read. I love that we get both hero's POV so we see the affect they have on each other. I'll continue to auto-pre-order Christina's books. She has her way with words :) I must say that though the subject of abuse in the family is quite a hard one I thought it was brought in quite a gentle way not making this one a hard story to read emotionally, maybe because there was a lot of emphasis on the "work on it" and not the actual abuse and more of Nate's struggles not an actual violence tendency (that though he thinks he has it's obvious from the first page he doesn't).

Naturally - RECOMMENDED!

Additional Details: Format Kindle Ebook, 246 pages, 7-8 October 2014 / On GoodReads
Between Breaths is a HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMENDED New Adult series by Christina Lee

The first three books tells us the romance of three best friends - Avery, Ella and Rachel studying in college together. The next ones in the series are of more friends around them. Basically friends of the guys & gals we come to love and envy the girls of having :D 

While the first 4 books in the series are M/F, the 5th one is M/M featuring two guys who work with Bennett and Jessie at Raw Ink (this book was re-released as "Kickflip" after Christina's rights were returned to her)

Each book has a sweet and unique story for both the girl and the guy. In each book they deal alone and together with their past, coming to accept themselves and one another. I loved ALL characters, girls, guys, everyone, and the ones I didn't like, like Rachel (in the first two books) I came to absolutely LOVE in her book once I learned about why she behaves the way she does.  

Christina is an amazing writer and I have no doubt I'll continue hungrily reading everything she publishes.

READ IT, no recommendation would be enough.

While this series is New Adult, Christina also published "Two of Hearts" - a Romantic Suspense novel of two characters we've met in "Whisper to Me" (Dakota and Shane) taking place in the Casino Dakota works in. This one ISN'T a part of the series but I feel the need to mention it here as well.  

At the moment no more books are planned in the series. 


1. All of You [Avery & Bennett] (published 17 September 2013) ★★★★★
2. Before You Break [Ella & Quinn] (published 18 February 2014) ★★★★★
3. Whisper to Me [Rachel & Kai] (published 20 May 2014) ★★★★★
4. Promise Me This [Nate & Jessie] (published 7 October  2014) ★★★★★
5. There You Stand / Kickflip [Cory & Jude] (published 21 April 2015) ★★★★★

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