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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Tamed (Tangled #3) by Emma Chase

aaaaand we're back to business! :) This book was a JOY to read, not as funny as Drew's POV but sweet and loving and FUN. Really didn't want to put this one down - and I didn't! right up until the end. 

On "Tangled" we already heard of Delores aka Dee Warren - Kate's best friend hooking up with Matthew - one of Drew's best friends but we didn't get all the "gory" details and how it all come to pass. This book tell us their story. 

I wasn't sure how this one would be because I really didn't know how or who Matthew is or was before he met Dee. I loved that he wasn't "Drew2" but someone different even if both of them were "players" and even if they share the same job and some hobbies. 

I loved Matthew's character much more that I enjoyed Drew's. While I really loved reading Drew I think I would have fallen in love with a Matthew and not really with a Drew and not only because of the YUMI motorcycle and a boxer's body :P also because he loves dogs and had a Great Dane when he was a kid. How can top THAT?? only complaint I have is he smoke which is unforgivable. Lucky for me he is a fictional character and I don't have to mourn his untimely loss to Dee or to Lung Cancer. 

Matthew is really a sweet guy. Even if he was all about having fun he wasn't afraid to play the "big game" and when he realized how he felt about Dee he was willing to SHOW her how much she means to him. He was really awesome! Dee on the other hand knew she doesn't handle relationships too well so it was all hard work for him showing her HE is worth it but more important I guess that SHE is worth it. She can be bat-shit-crazy in the most adorable way. I totally got what he found in her. I LOVE female characters like her that aren't afraid being different and going after what she wants (as long as it's not a serious relationship naturally..) she is a good and loyal friend and she isn't just about the looks she is smart and witty and FUN to be around. 

I loved this installment! I don't get why the back and forth since it would have made more sense if this was the second book having the same time line as "Tangles" and THEN continue two years later to Kate's HORRIBLE story. Yeah, I'm sorry, I'm still pissed at her. Lucky for me I'll get the the 4th and last installment after a good night sleep where I can dream of a sexy Matthew and his sexy bike. 

Recommended! :)

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 256 pages, 10 October 2014 / On GoodReads

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