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Tuesday, April 10, 2018

500 Kisses by Anyta Sunday

This one was great! Really liked it! Enjoyed getting the back and forth of these two, in their own voice and between one another. 

Chris Montgomery and Dylan Halsworth are neighbors, at the moment not very friendly ones. When Dylan needs Chris' help he is reluctant to even ask but he doesn't have any choice. Though they grew up together several mistakes done by both of them tore them apart from best friends to close to enemies. To Dylan's surprise Chris actually accepts though he has his ulterior motives for his initial act. 

When a kid on the Summer Camp Dylan organizes talks about a "500 kiss bet" they somehow find each other competing one against the other. What's the bet? The kid said that after kissing someone 500 kisses the deal is done - you'll be together, even if you didn't even like the person before you started the kissing. 

Spending time together, not just kissing, but during the Summer Camp with Chris' help makes them rethink their past and naturally their present. Question is, who will back up from the bet and say the truth neither of them was willing to admit all those years. 

I loved this one. It was so sweet and endearing, it was fun! I could see both Chris and Dylan's defenses fall apart every step of the way. SUCH a fun read.

This novella can be bought on it's own or through the "Briefs Collection" (Amazon) which contains more WONDERFUL short novellas by Anyta. I made a compilation post of all of them together (though since I reviewed each on it's own you can also look them up 👉 right here).

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