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Saturday, April 1, 2017

The Faintest Spark (Roadmap to Your Heart #1.5) [Mal & Sawyer] by Christina Lee

It's not the book, it's me. I dislike "MC" (Motorcycle Club) books. So why did I delve into this one? obvious reason - it's by Christina. It's hard for me to refrain from reading her books even though I knew, right from the start it's NOT my turf. But you see, though the first installment in the series was "so-so" for me, I LOVED the 2nd and 3rd installment so I wasn't going to pass this one out. Though it chronically takes place after the first installment (and has A LOT to do with what happened there) it's actually the last novella to close this series. There's another short novella published a few months ago that is chronically last but THIS is the sort of the finale with Mal the head of the "Disciples" Motorcycle club finding his HEA. 

This was typical MC novel. MC "gangs" business, a LOT of testosterone filled alpha males which goes well with a LOT of sex. There was little romance in this book. In the previous installment Malachi "Mal" O'Rourke the head of the "Disciples" worked closely with Sawyer Malone, a member of the "Scorpions" MC. Sawyer was doing undercover work for both clubs to take down a third club (exactly the sort of thing that loses my interest in 3 seconds flat..). Sawyer is left with nightmares from his affairs with a very dark man he was suppose to seduce and now he is also frown upon by other MC members for being gay (he's actually Bi) even though he did EVERYONE a big favor. The whole ordeal bought Sawyer and Mal closer together and formed a sort of friendship with Mal feeling protective of the younger guy and Sawyer being comforted by Mal's care. 

This is the "background" to the story (explained in the two prologues), the rest of the novella is all about them getting closer together. It has a little bit of comfort but it's MOSTLY about them getting off / having sex. Not knowing how they could have anything more with how MC members generally see gay people not to mention Mal's position as president of the Disciples while Sawyer is a part of another MC club (with a suspicious president..).

I knew this installment might be "problematic" for me for dealing with the MC clubs (unlike the 2nd and 3rd installment in which the clubs were really only in the background). The story starts with a meeting between several gang presidents and them talking "business". B-O-R-I-N-G-! There is something that feels borderline silly about the whole thing. I think if I was actually seeing these guys, in a bar talking about "club businesses" I would burst with laughter about how immature and stupid it sounds. Not to mention the MAJOR turnoff from the pompous alphas. Which is actually my MAIN problem with the book. I don't think it was possible to remove the MC part, and it wouldn't have been that bad if I've felt I'm reading a true romance novel, but actually it was about possession and obsession and sex. Mal wanted to OWN Sawyer, as much as Sawyer wanted to own by him. It was ALL about them finding a way to getting off together, and so little about a real story, about relationship buildup (and not just sexual progression between them). I think I would have rather had a full length novel with an actual story line (even with the annoying MC club) than a book that is mostly about sexual release between testosterone filled motorcycle club members. 

My next read is the last (chronologically) novella in the series, lucky it doesn't suppose to have anything to do with MCs. But I've learnt my lesson, as I did with YA - if it's genre/turf I dislike I'm not trying it even if it's by an author I LOVED before. I rated most of Christina's books 5 stars. I LOVE her writing. It's the turf, it's not for me. Only shows how diverse Christina can be. If you're into MC club novels you'll LOVE this one. 

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