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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Whitetail Rock (Whitetail Rock #1) (Pre-Romancelandia #1) [Nik & Jurgen] by Anne Tenino

This is a short free novella (download from here) which is a somewhat "pre" story to "Too stupid to live". Originally I just added "Too stupid to live" then I realized there are two short novella before (this one and "The Fix") so I decided to read them first. 

As I understand the main characters in this novella (and the next one) are side characters in "Too stupid to live" (Sam - the MC is a side character here, being Nik's best friend). 

This is quite short, round 70 pages, telling us the romance between Nik and Jurgen. Nik is on vocation with Sam at his home town which he hates since he never felt like he fit in. First for being an adopted kid, second having Indian heritage (the mocha skin included..) and third for being gay. In a small conservative town that's pretty much a guarantee to be excluded. I didn't really "feel" he was really treated badly though he said he was, it mostly felt like he was whining about his past but there wasn't a real "feel" to how he was mistreated and the only guy he does refer to "half harassed" him because he was interested in him (the "pulling the ponytail" at kinder garden kinda thing). Jurgen is a cop who is quite new in town and from the second Nik lays eyes on him he is HOOKED! 

It was a bit ridiculous how much oggeling a person can do! It kinda felt redundant at a certain point. What I did like is that since we get a few glimpses a few weeks apart the romance was building in a really believable pace. 

I have to say I didn't care for both main characters. Nik was a cry baby about everything and his trust issues were exhausting! Jurgen is a pretty straight forward kinda guy which I did like but I don't know why he came as too dry and remote even if in the end he came though emotion-wise. 

I don't recommend this one since I can't see how it can be THAT relevant to "Too stupid to live" and it was actually a bit boring and redundant. I've read great review of "Too stupid to live" so I'm not letting this one discourage me.

Additional Details: Format Kindle Ebook, 71 pages, 20 October 2014 / On GoodReads

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