Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Distance Between Us by Kasie West

This was a sweet read. I’m not usually into the Young Adult genre mainly because I couldn't be bothered with kids.. but unlike most YA books Cayman (what kind of name is THAT?!) was really mature even if she doesn't have experience with guys and felt a little bit too insecure. She rather believe rumors or things she THOUGHT were true then confront Xander and actually ASK him if something she was thinking was true. But the bottom line is she is much more mature then most YA/NA heroines. 

Cayman works in her mother's doll shop. It mainly caters dolls for rich people which is in a total contrast to her mother opinion of rich people – they should be avoided at all cost! She learnt her life lesson when she was abandoned by Cayman's rich father when he found out she was pregnant. So when the overly rich Xander comes into the shop to buy a doll for his grandmother's birthday it's obvious that she has to keep her admiration to herself and NOT confine in her mother. 

Xander is really sweet, I liked him and felt that he was REALLY mature for his age, might be the fact that he is as rich as god and is starting to learn how to run the family business but anyway I liked his character and the fact he really didn't say or do anything about the difference in their status in life. He was genuinely interested in HER and not if she has money or not. Even if she was always insecure about him, he DID try his best to show her how he felt and also he always seems to care about what's going on with her, he got a really good "feel" of her and the state she is in (sad/angry/worried etc). 

I liked their banter, the relationship and how it was building, I REALLY enjoyed the sarcastic talk between the two of them and her sarcasm in general. I liked the other characters around them as well, her mother was hard to read but in the end I DID like her, also her best friend and her friends were really cool even if they were, let's call them "different" somehow :) Xander's family wasn't what you'd expect, they were warm and loving even if they had a lot of expectations. I don't put that on them being rich only wanting the best for their kids. 

The closure in this story was sweet as well. I liked that it wasn't about him saving her because that would have sucked (being SO improbable). But it was somehow about family and friends and trusting the people around you, giving second chances, speaking your heart. I really do think it's a good book for youngsters (WOW I feel old writing this word hehe) because of the way the characters portrayed and how it worked out in the end but also in the sense it's innocent sex wise (nothing THAT literal except for a bit of kissing).  

I wasn't floored, but I enjoyed it. Was a day's read which I don't get to do a lot and it's always fun when the book is something on the sweet side closing the day in a positive way and not a heart shattering book leaving me restless for the night. Grab it when you feel like reading a sweet innocent young adult novel. 

Additional Details: Kindle Ebook, 320 pages, 18 October 2014 / On GoodReads

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