Sunday, June 7, 2020

Luckless (Luckless, #1) by Cari Z.

Though I liked this novella I can't say that I loved it. Maybe it was the dystopian setting I'm not that fond of, or my greediness wanting MORE of our couple. There is a friendship buildup but I was missing the romantic part. It was under the surface, but I would have liked to have something more substantial. 

Evan's last name is Luck, but everyone calls him Luckless - after he has lost his Dragon. She has been with his father and grandfather Dragon before him. Losing her was the worst experience of his life and he is still not over it. He is broken. His emphatic ability, the one that enabled him to bond with a dragon in the first place has shattered after her death. 
The world Evan lives in is full of monsters. Every city has it's walls but it's not enough to protect it's citizens from the attacks. Some by winged beasts, others by creatures with ability to scale the walls. It's a constant battle that never ends. Evan lives in the city of Forge. He was accepted into the city because of the major's hopes he'll be able bond with a new dragon, but that hasn't happened and Evan isn't sure it ever will. The attitude of the people around him isn't helping either. It's easier when they ignore him but some try to make his life harder - and it's already hard, cold and lacking in so many things including the basics of food and shelter. 

When Lee Caldwell approaches Evan asking for his help as a former rider and a very skilled archer (as well as maker of arrows) to teach his young boy Evan accepts though he admits to himself his immediate attraction to the guy might be a problem. It isn't. Jason (Lee's son) is a sweet kid and Evan and him get along wonderfully. They spend everyday together and soon after he starts sharing evenings with Lee and Jason as well. That's how they start to form a true friendship something both Lee and Evan have longed for and it's obvious in every interaction they share. 

I won't say a lot more as this is a short novella as I don't want to spoiler anything.. I'll just say that Lee has his own reasons for approaching Evan specifically but he isn't ready to share those with Evan. Yet when the time is right he isn't afraid to show Evan who he is and what he is capable of doing which is totally impressive! 

I'll end by saying a while back this novella was offered for free in a shorter version but though things sounded familiar it felt like a different story but I might be wrong.. Maybe I just forgot what happened? Yet that one was a third of this one's length and there was too much missing it didn't feel like a whole story while this one sure does, even though I wished we got A LOT more. 

This was different for sure. If you are a dystopian fan you should definitely give this one a go. 

Lee and Evan's story continues in "Dauntless".

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3-7 June 2020

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