Friday, January 15, 2021

The First Boy I Ever Kissed (The First Boy #1) [Tommy & Kim] by Suki Fleet

I simply ADORE Suki's writing. There is something so genuine in the way her characters view the world but mostly their special person. Tommy and Kim, like many of their characters come from a difficult background and yet there is still innocence and wonder to everything they share. Life might have tainted them in certain aspects but luckily not all. 

In the year and a half they knew each other, Kim and Tommy became fast friends and nearly a bit more. But though Kim knew exactly what he was feeling towards Tommy, Tommy was still uncertain about his sexuality or willing to explore this side of him. They share one kiss on the night of their highschool's prom before Kim disappears from Tommy's world leaving both guys with a longing they can't shake. 

This special kiss was Suki's gift to us this winter in her free "The First Boy HE Ever Kissed" which was available at the beginning of January through Prolific Works. But if you didn't manage to grab it back them, don't worry about it. It's still a part of this book. It's worth the read on it's own, I really enjoyed the glimpse before I started reading this one. 

Getting back to Kim and Tommy's story.. Two years go by. Tommy has a steady job he is now leaving to pursue a bit of traveling. He is rather content in life even though his longing for the boy who got away never left. His last night on his job as a security guard they experience a break in and who he finds himself chasing? Kim. 

I won't say more about what happens next, how Kim came to be there and what he was doing and why - not to spoiler anything. After all this isn't a very long novel (on the verge of being considered a novella). Let's just say seeing each other again rekindled everything they hoped they could have. But Tommy is scheduled to leave, he already has a plain ticket and Kim's life is a whole lot of mess. He might WANT to get out and ran into Tommy's arms but it's not that simple.

This book was as heartbreakingly beautiful as all of Suki's books are. I wasn't in the "best mood" while reading it. I was actually siting in a waiting room waiting for a probable surgery I didn't know I would be having just hours before. Nevertheless I was hooked from the first page. Maybe what made this book so perfect for that exact moment in time was the simplistic way Suki's characters tend to look at life and deal with life's worst situations. How could I NOT be optimistic about MY outcome when I could feel it in my bones these guys are going to have this WONDERFUL possibility to find both love and compassion and their own kind of Happily Ever After. 

Grab it and read it. You won't regret it!

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