Sunday, January 17, 2021

His Holiday Crush by Cari Z.

 ~sigh~ This was SUCH a sweet and heartfelt story. I simply ADORED it. So glad I decided to read it this weekend when I wasn't my best and definitely needed a cheer up. For both Max and Dominic this years' holidays was a time to reflect on what they are missing - seeing exactly that in each other's eyes made the decision a lot easier. 

Max Robertson used to live in the sleepy town of Edgewood but when he left 10 years ago he had VERY good reasons never to return again. He kept his distance physically and mentally but he did his best to keep in touch with his best friend Hall Bell. Now that Hall is divorced and he is having a hard time dealing with raising two little girls, he doesn't expect Hal to come visit him in New York, so he reluctantly accepts coming to visit them even if only for a day. After all he'll be closing on a HUGE client the next couple of days and he needs to stay focused. 

If you know these kind of holiday novels it's obvious without even reading the synopsis Max will be spending more than just a day in Edgewood. It started with his car getting stuck at the side of the road and immediately after with Police officer Dominic coming to his rescue. He sees exactly what he likes in the guy even if he doesn't realize he was checking out his best friend's younger brother he always remembered as Nicky.

Dominic "Nicky"  Bell more than recognizes Max when he first sees him on the side of the road. He had a HUGE crush on the guy when he was in high school but a lot have changed for him. After serving in the military he recently came home to become a cop. It seemed his best option allowing him to be close to him brother and his family. He has a lot of figuring out to do in his life but he is trying. 

Both men didn't expect to fall in love, but as this is their story - naturally they did. Dominic never had a special someone in his life and with every moment spent with warm and affectionate Max he comes to crave more. Their time together is easy, they get along so well he doesn't want to think how cold and miserable it's going to be once Max goes back home to New York. For Max, though New York isn't exactly home, Edgewood certainly isn't as well. While he worked hard to accomplish everything he has, being with Hal's family (Dominic included) allows him to see what he is missing. He might have uncomfortable feelings about this town but ten years later his perspective has changed. Only question is what would it mean for him letting go of the race and leaving his big dreams behind in pursue of a different kind of HEA?

There was something so sweet and peaceful about this novel. It was such a comfort read - exactly what I needed. The big conflict came only at the very end and it was concluded beautifully. I already miss these two. This was the perfect coming home for the holidays. 


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