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Enemies to Lovers (Enemies to Lovers #1-4) by Anyta Sunday

As I bought this series in this book bundle I thought I'll add my general review (instead of my usual "Series Page"). Though this IS a series the books are very loosely connected. The first was more of a standalone than the others though both Karl and Paul (from the 2nd book) have the smallest appearance there. Also unlike the next one's it was more of a New Adult with the other ones being more mature in age (late 20s).

From the 2nd book there's more connectivity between the characters - Will (the MCs in the 3rd book) being Karl's ex and later on, Rory and Eric being friends of the MCs in the 3rd installment.

Not all the books were a true enemies to lovers but anyhow they worked well together with a lovely slow burn. My favorite were the 2nd and 4th books. These for me are a MUST READ.

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Shane and Trey (Book #1) [Shane Watson & Trey Brennan] ★★★★
A nice start to the series, Shane and Trey were sweet together even if their start was a bit rocky (I wouldn't truly say it was Enemies to Lovers though). Them getting together was more than akward considering Trey was Shane's twins sister's boyfriend.. But when honesty and true feelings are out there, it's hard to ignore. Though I enjoyed this one I wish we got a bit more than we actually did.

St-St-Stuffed (Book #2) [Karl Andrews & Paul Hyte] ★★★★★
Sweetness! I loved Karl and Paul story. A true Enemies to Lovers! (As Karl used to torment Paul when they were in school). I also really enjoyed Charlie (Paul's son) - the one Karl was taking care of as a "Girl Friday" for Paul. He might not be qualified for the job but how hard can it be to take care of a 4 years old, make a few meals and clean up a bit around the house - well EASY considering he gets Paul (and Charlie)'s hearts in the process.

Get It (Book 2.5#) [Benny Reece & James Stewart] ★★★
This novella is a sort of prelude into the next novel. It takes place in New Zealand where Benny and James, best friends, are studying. While Benny is desperately trying to find the love of his live in Heath (on of the MCs in the next novel) he takes his time realizing all Heath could have be is a replacement to the REAL guy he is in love with - James.
Truth be told I was a bit impatient with Benny. He broke James' heart SO many times all I could do is feel sorry for poor James.

William (Book #3) [William Sharp & Heath Wallace] ★★★½
We've met Heath in the previous short novella but he was a carefree guy back then, before tragedy struck. I didn't like the way he treated Benny (stringing him along with his girlfriend I'm not even sure he was into..) and with Will he wasn't any better. He was waiting for the ship to sink - mostly his mother breaking apart not realizing he too has his issues to deal with. Will was smack in the middle of all that. Living with Heath, his mother and a silent ghost. Yet through it all, both Heath and Vicky (Heath's mother) fell for Will. They found in him happiness and joy the both lacked. It wasn't easy for Will, to trust when he wasn't sure his heart has the capacity after what he went through with Karl. Yet when true love strikes..

The F Words (Books #4) [Eric Graham & Rory A. Phillips] ★★★★★
What a GREAT way to finish the series. I LOVED this one. I'm actually not sure now which was my favorite, this one or the 2nd installment! We've met both Rory and Eric in the previous installment and though we got a little bit about the two, Rory being a douche was NOT lost.. But his behavior bad then was more than explained. I truly felt for him, him and Eric too who was a good friend to Will in the previous installment yet was still quite an enigma before this book. Both Rory and Eric are lost and on their own. They didn't think they'd find good company and even friendship between them, but moving to Wellington, being the only familiar face in town, Eric makes his moves to get to know Rory even if he hurt him a few years back. It takes time, it's a wonderful slow burn, with the friendship taking time to build as well.

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