Friday, August 9, 2019

Shane and Trey (Enemies to Lovers #1) [Shane & Trey] by Anyta Sunday

Though I liked both Shane and Trey, somehow they didn't really grab me. Their story was sweet and a bit emotional as they were both exploring their sexuality for the first time. Getting to know each other as well as accepting who they are - together but also alone - dealing with their families.

The whole story was told from Shane Watson's POV. Finishing high-school he finds himself embarrassingly admitting to his best friend he is gay.  Didn't work out as planned, especially not with the audience of his twin sister June and her intimidating boyfriend Trey Brennan.

When Shane finds out he and Trey are going to be roommates in college he isn't sure what to think. It's convenient for his sister for sure but for him? not so much.. He is secretly attracted to the guy even if he doesn't know what to expect from him. A very strange encounter a few years back makes him hesitant to trust the guy even if his sister seems to think he is a great guy..

Things get pretty strange when Shane realizes June's reflections on Trey not being "into her" might mean he is actually into HIM. But as June and Shane breakup things are strained between the three of them. Trey wants Shane SO MUCH but it's not in his character to pressure anyone so he waits for June's okay while trying to keep Shane on his side as best as he can. He is truly a gentle soul. He was trying his best, not having any support from his family, needing both June and Shane yet differently than he did in the past.

Though there were very little true issues between Shane and Trey, especially once they finally got together, they both had family issues. Trey was dealing with regret and sadness over his aunt's situation, now living with him and his parents dealing with her divorce though mostly her depression and the results of a long ago accident which left her in a wheelchair and Shane was trying to accept June's hope of getting more of their estranged father. She might have forgiven him, but Shane remembers enough and even IF he could forgive him, he doesn't think he'll EVER accept him being gay. But while dealing with his best friend' Syd family drama he realizes he owns it to both of them to at least be honest.

For me this book was somehow lacking. I feel like it was too superficial dealing with both MCs problems. Everything resolved WAY too quickly. On the one hand it means less real drama between Shane and Trey which I actually really appreciated (especially considering their age..), but on the other hand, I think I needed more resolve of their family matters. I'm happy for them being madly in love and happy together but I would have really appreciated seeing more of their LIVES working out as well.

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