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Cash (Lucky, #2) [Cash & Rae] by Garrett Leigh

I gotta say that though I'm a HUGE fan of Garrett, and  I'm saying that after reading ALL of her books, this book simply wasn't for me. I had a hard time connecting with both MCs and frankly with the subject at hand. Cash and Rae have the same calling in life - saving foxes from illegal hunts. While I LOVE animals and I do NOT agree with these kind of cruel acts I also in a way see no point to "Sabing" - Sabotaging (illigal) hunts. The whole thing felt futile from beginning till end and I felt sorry for everyone involved for how useless it all felt. They DID save foxes' lives at times but mostly they got hurt and no one cared (like the authorities..) about them or their lives, on the contrary, the were hunted by them as well. This is corruption for you..

We've met Cash at Lucky's book. While Lucky and Dom have a very important play in this book it can still be read as a stand alone. Cash lives a quiet life in a house he got from his uncle after he stopped Sabing. Took quite a long time to hear the WHY of that which was extremely sad and heart breaking. So currently he's all about his job as a mechanic (together with Lucky) but besides that he doesn't' have anything else in his life. Lucky for him he has Lucky! and Dom, his "roommates".

Meeting Rae at the bar one night was suppose to be just a one night thing yet it was amazing. More than either expected yet when the night was over they somehow never expected to see each other again.. Until Rae is asked to find a Sab who left this world behind - Ciaran Walsh. He is surprised just as much as Cash to realize they share this calling.

Cash is confused. He doesn't want to return to this life, yet he doesn't think he can have a relationship with someone who DOES live this life. Also returning? that's a thought he can't make himself NOT consider. But Being in a relationship with Rae AND Sabbing sounds ever worse. So what now?

For Rae it's pretty confusing, meaning Cash is. He wants him. He doesn't. He wants to return to this life and yet he doesn't? He keeps his secrets too close to his chest so it's hard for Rae to understand what the hell is going on in his head. I was quite annoyed by it myself. The whole book was about Cash needing distance and lacking the ability to communicate not only with Rae but also with Lucky and Dom.

I liked the idea behind this book but all in all it felt so sad, Rae and his "crew" where fighting against people so much more powerful than them and though the hunt IS illegal they were always the ones to pay. I feel like there should have been something BETTER to do than take matter (and law) into their hands and run around in the woods after men, dogs, foxes and so much more to try and save the day when in the end it was mostly chasing dreams and not reality.

We DO get a HEA in this one. I guess it was in a way satisfying yet I couldn't put behind the thought that it ended well for Rae and Cash (and their friends) but in a way some things couldn't be handled or we don't know what's the real verdict was for the "bad guys".

I read this book on vocation so I guess I need to truthfully say it was hard reading something so depressing while having a GREAT time, then I had my own miscommunication that led in a way to something similar Rae and Cash were dealing with and all I was thinking was DAMN IT! Someone just SPEAK already and say what's on his mind.

If you're into animals, saving animals, animal rights and the determined men and women who have made it their life's mission to save them - this book is for you! There is also the romance which developed along the line, somewhat under the surface of everything that was going on with the Sab life.

I kindly received this ARC in exchange for my honest opinion.

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14-23 January 2019
Lucky is a Contemporary MM Romance by Garrett Leigh. Like most of Garrett's series it's not truly a series, the books are all stand alone ones with the MCs being connected to one another.

In the first installment we get Lucky and Dom, in the second, we get Cash (Lucky's roommate) with Rae and the third features Isha (Dom's former agent and best friend) and Jude. Each book can totally be read as a stand alone but take into notice you'll stumble into characters from the previous books so it's always better to start from the beginning :)

I LOVED the first installment, Lucky and Dom seemed like such and unlikely couple yet they worked beautifully, with Cash and Rae's story I had a few issues but it was a solid one as well. The series came to a sweet closure with Jude and Isha's story, bringing all couples together.

1. Lucky [Lucky Coleman & Dominic Ramos] (Published 18 September 2018) ★★★★★
2. Cash [Ciaran "Cash" Walsh & Rae] (Published 22 January 2019) ★★★½
3. Jude [Jude Harrison & Isha Hussain] (Published 24 March 2019)  ★★★★

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